Are supplements best split between feeds


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Feb 8, 2012
I've never thought about this before but I had a new trimmer down for Ale the other day (sadly my farrier is unable to work for the foreseeable) and she was very in-depth and fab.

She mentioned about splitting his salt between 2 feeds because it might be too much in one sitting and that got me thinking about other things.

Is it beneficial to feed supplements split between 2 feeds a day? Do you think they would absorb more this way or do you think it doesn't matter all being in one feed?

Interested on everyone's thoughts or does anyone know the science behind digestion enough to say for sure?


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Jun 4, 2014
I do split between two feeds but only for palatability reasons as he won't eat a daily dose of one supplement in one feed.

Edited: In the summer, he usually only has 1 feed a day so only gets it once (with an adjusted level of supplement)
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Dec 20, 2004
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I don't think there is any vits or minerals that they directly benefit from having in more frequent doses, most vits/mins are stored for a period of time, even those that are not generally take a few days to be pee'd out, so can be a few days between going in. The only reason I can think to split between more feeds per day is palatability unless you are feeding a compound feed and volume is an issue. Salt can upset the gut but I wouldn't expect a couple of tablespoons full to do it.


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Jan 6, 2006
I don't think it really matters, and when I once asked about this for a supplement that was for metabolic issues the response was that it wasn't how they recommended feeding it. That said read what it says on the label and see if it suggests splitting it if it's a specific supplement as opposed to a vit & min one.


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Dec 20, 2004
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That's a good point, I guess if it was something like no bute/anti inflammatory then there is probably benefit to splitting doses as it will more effectively maintain the blood levels.

Mary Poppins

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Oct 10, 2004
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I used to splits Ben's feed into two feeds so separate out his bute, but I wouldn't do it for supplements or salt. I'm not sure it was even necessary for the bute, but I wanted to satisfy myself as much as I could that he was as pain free as possible.


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Feb 8, 2012
Ah how interesting, she suggested the salt to be split for palatability. It was just my own wondering about everything else, I wasn't sure how long they get to absorb it all or indeed where they tend to absorb supplements along their digestive tract


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Feb 11, 2017
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I split large doses of something between two feedings - I always have and even my lameness vet suggested it.

Once the supplement is in the system it stays working until the next dose.

My blood pressure medicine is taken in two doses under doctor’s orders so it makes sense to me equine supplements would work the same:)

chunky monkey

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May 2, 2007
Chunky is not a fan of salt and if too much in one go he will refuse his feed. I only feed mine once a day but thats just circumstances. If i was feeding twice a day i would split feeds and supplements.
I would think like medicines keeping a steady amount going in would keep bloods and things level. Rather than the peaks and troughs.
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