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Sep 12, 2004
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leopard spot

Just thought i'd put this pic of my friends leopard spot Appy Cleopatra :) She is a very cheeky little mare and loves to test people out, she also rears, and is girthy, stubborn and has a big attitude!


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Jun 3, 2002
Auckland, New Zealand
The info that I gave about the knabstrup all those months ago was just what I had in my book on the appaloosa UK registry.

I actually personally would not know, living half a world away from Denmark!
Just looking at the sources I know :)

Thanks for the info though Kaboom, now I know :)

Anyway: No help with defining Appaloosas, but can tell you all Appys I have seen have had very sparse tails. Coincidence?

Karin, you have seen photos of Cheeky's tail and his is very full :)


Scoobs the wonder pony
i have an appy, my first one and i love them. he is exactly like the books say quite quiet but theres still a spark there. when out on hacks he is forward going but not strong he does not spook all that much but he is always looking at things and interested.

as karin it is a trate that appys do not have very full tails or manes, i am lucky in the caballo has a decent tail and a good mane :)

i completly agree with cvb caballo is extreamly a people horse, he doesnt stand with the others in the field and is always wantin attention from people when stabled :rolleyes: and through word of mouth i have heard other appys are the same.


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Jul 15, 2003
Ross County, Ohio, USA
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My first horse was a leopard Appy gelding, and he had an ego the size of his stall!!! LOL However, I put it down to the fact that he was just too smart. He was a rescue (terribly starved), but he was just so full of personality. My dad and he did NOT get along, so Dad always would say, "God either gives you spots or brains," and "You know why the Nez Pierce rode the Appys to war? So they'd be good and mad when they got there!" :rolleyes: LOL

Appys are well-known for their sparce mane and tail. With all the quarter horse and TB they have put into the Appys over the past few generations, the mane and tail are getting longer, not to mention some people actually putting the fake tails in their Appy's tails nowadays.

Appys are very versatile horses. Someone mentioned wanting an Appy coloring on a smaller horse? Try the Pony of the Americas. Dunno if you have any over there, but it might be worth checking out. POA's are common junior mounts, ranging in size all the way up to almost a small horse, and have the distinct Appy colorings. Think of them as a "mini-Appy" if you will. :D
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