Anyone tried these non-slip pads?


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Sep 21, 2004
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Need a good non-slip pad (have tried gel-eze with no success). Has anyone got an opinion on any of the following:

Impakt (looks like it might cause sweating?)
Prolite non-slip pad
Thorowgood grippy numnah
Domma non-slip pad (also looks sweat inducing?)

Any input would be welcomed before I waste any more money! Thanks!


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May 12, 2004
Sussex Girl
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I bought a non-slip pad that was brilliant and only cost about £10, I can't remember the name of it but it looks like a plain, thin, black square with holes in it, when I go back up thew yard I will have a look at the name and post back later, suffice to say I was very pleased as it kept the saddle in place no matter what I was doing.:)
Jan 10, 2003
Isle of Man
I've got the thorowgood cob conform grippy numnah and it is excellent! I use it for day to day hacking with my SBS and it doesn't move an inch.

For showing I have a N.E.W Non slip numnah which is great too, but it can draw the back and would be far too sweaty for hacking.


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Jan 14, 2002
Sunderland, UK
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I use an Impakt all the time on Peri (she dislikes anything else :rolleyes: )

She does get sweaty under the saddle/pad but that is usually because all of her is sweating! If she is tootling about on a hack she is no sweatier than my other mare gets under a cotton saddlecloth.


They're not on your list but I've used a limpet pad and a Barnsby grip pad. Although it's the most expensive the Barnsby is the better one all round IMHO, both in terms of grip and sweating (which can of course be related if the horse gets very sweaty).


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Aug 26, 2004
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hi yann,
i saw the limpet at a horse show and thought about getting one; since you've used both, tell me more about the barnsby. thanks.
Jan 10, 2003
Isle of Man
Yann - I too like the Barnsby pads - but as the thorowgood is a cheaper version of it I'll stick with that for day to day. They use exactly the same material on the underside of the numnah. I think if I had any issues of the saddle slipping ontop of the numnah then the barnsby pads would be brilliant as they have that extra non slip section ontop of the numnah for just that!


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Dec 31, 2002
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I've got a barnsby one, well worth the money IMO.

They look like a traditional saddle cloth, cotton with small diamond quilting on it. On the outside there is a panel that sits under the saddle which is made of neoprene and stops the saddle slipping on the saddle cloth. On the underside of the saddle cloth the entire area is covered in a soft rubber material which then stops the saddle cloth slipping on the horse.

I have had mine about a year and its still looking good.
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