Anyone got snow?


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Apr 25, 2003
We are all deep and crisp and even and still coming down, of course lovely as it is going to add to the mud when it melts.

Just rescued two very unimpressed comtois from the field and brought feed up to two grumpy donkeys. 20200109_113143.jpg 20200109_113143.jpg 20200109_113217.jpg 20200109_113228.jpg 20200109_113244.jpg 20200109_113247.jpg 20200109_113258.jpg
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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
Nope none here, bright and 9c, windy though, got 35-45 mph winds. Hopefully you don't get too much adding to the mud :(


Gracie's mum
Jul 31, 2005
Gosh! Our weather here in Shropshire is so mild at the mo that Gracie is just out in a no-fill rainsheet. She hasn't been clipped since the end of November so she's grown a fair bit of coat back and I'd rather her be in the chilly side than the hot one.


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Nov 11, 2018
Very mild, and as usual - RAIN :mad:. Suppose I shouldn't grumble, it's been ok first thing, so I have been able to ride.


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Mar 15, 2008
No we haven't. Anyone photos. I do like those. :)

Now I think I will hold my tongue moaning about the flies in comparison to your white stuff.
We have wet stuff.


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Apr 25, 2003
The stable yard is now a wonderful mix of slush and shit. Going to love mucking out tomorrow, left the comtois and buddy on the yard, the two donkeys have plenty of food in the field shelter and are hunkered down in there

chunky monkey

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May 2, 2007
It started raining here about an hour ago. Its not supposed to stop for a few hours, which im rather annoyed about as i wanted to lunge the boys tonight. They missed a lunge last night as it was pouring rain all night.
It the first running club tonight after the christmas break, as my legs are still all bruised and im having lots of weird pain in them in a way im glad its chucking it down. I dont feel guilty about not going. But it would have been nice to have gone and lunged the boys instead.
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