Anyone got a Mucky Mare?


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Mar 15, 2015
Or gelding?

I have been really lucky so far. Star was very clean in the stable, and Mylo is super clean. His droppings are all in one corner and he rarely steps in them. I can easily find the wet patch as he wees in the same area. Mucking out tacks minutes.
But Rosie! Well, she does her droppings in one area, but it’s also the area that she stands to eat, look out etc and she stands in the droppings, spreads them about, breaks them into tiny pieces that are next to impossible to pick up.

any tips?

she is on shavings on top of rubber mats.

the stable is really big, so its not as if there is not enough room for her!

I suppose it will be trial and error as to whether a thick shavings bed works best, or a thin one.
What works best for you?


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
Jess is absolutely filthy, elephant size poops which she kicks everywhere! The only way I used to get it halfway manageable was to put her net by the door (to minimise the tooing and froing) and to have her in a huge stable with bedding only on the half away from the door. It’s one of the reasons she lives out 24/7 now, but she is exactly the same in the field, just stands at her hay eating and pooping and tramps it into a mess.
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