Anyone fancy a bit of horse shopping?


Mar 15, 2015
Looking for an older, but healthy pony
16 years plus
must be superb in traffic
live in/out
get on with geldings
mare or gelding, in not fussed
been there/ done that type

i want to do hacking out / schooling, maybe a small jump.

i am 5 foot and 8 stone, friend who will also be riding a couple of times a week ( hacking out in walk only ) is probably nearer 9 stone.

Lancashire area
Budget - whatever it takes!


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
I'm sure you will find something to suit, I think it gets harder as you push into that 15hh+ category especially if you have a limited budget. Good luck!


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Jan 6, 2006
I'm no help because I'm not in that area. A word of advice is join the dodgy dealers page on facebook as it can be very useful at telling you who to avoid - even if someone is saying they're a private seller it's worth asking on there because it's amazing how many dishonest dealers try to pose as private sellers. Also ask around locally - tack shops, farriers etc may let you know of a horse that isn't yet on the market but may be available to the right person,


Mar 15, 2015
I will join the dodgy dealers Facebook page, thanks.

I have already asked friends and my vets to keep an eye out. I got Mylo through my farrier, he was about to be put up for sale, so I got in there first just by luck.

just seen a Cremello who fits the bill in every way apart from age, she is only ten.

other than sunburn are there any downsides to this colouring?

I have messaged the owner to see if she is still available and not heard back yet.
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