Anyone else's horse like to play....

Riley Roo

New Member
Mar 14, 2008
North Wales
tug of war with a stick? :D LOL

The other day OH and i turned Riley back out into his field and spent some time saying hello to his field mates. Riley walked over to an area of the field where some wood had been burned with one of his field mates and they took it in turns to pick up the charred sticks, wave the free end at their mate until it was taken by them and tugged against each other. :eek: :D

OH and i thought it was hilarious and OH recorded it on his phone which he hasn't yet uploaded.

We thought that it was just something Riley liked to do with his field mate BUT if I or OH get him a stick he will happily play tug of war with either of us too. :) Yesterday OH wasn't paying attention when Riley wanted to carry on playing so he shook the stick at me for me to play instead! :D

Does anyone else's horse like to do this or is Riley a bit weird and thinks he's a dog? :confused: :D


New Member
Feb 17, 2009
Chester le Street, durham
Storm likes doing it with anything he can pick up lol. I thought he was strange at first but Im starting to get used to it :D . It's just frustrating when your trying to do something and he is standing over you wanting to play :p .

Holly's original owner used to play football with her lol. She loves nothing better than kicking a ball bless her :p .


New Member
Jun 19, 2009
SE London
How cute, can't wait to see pics!

My horse picks things up in her mouth and drops them on the floor so you can't leave anything unattended where she can reach.:rolleyes: But her field mate carries a big stick around in her mouth like a dog would.. strange girls!

Riley Roo

New Member
Mar 14, 2008
North Wales
I'm glad it's not just Riley who thinks he's a dog then - LOL :D

TBH he's quite mouthy anyway - he will grab the lead rope and waggle it when you are doing ground work with him too although he is not a nipper at all. He wuffles your hand for treats with his muzzle but that's all.

He doesn't 'alf make me laugh :D


New Member
May 26, 2006
Mine plays tug of war with me and one of those dog toys that's like a frayed bit of rope?

Mind you he also comes for walkies with me and gets a lot of enjoyment from a dog squeaky bone, so maybe he's just a misclassified canine :D


yes my horse LOVES tug of war. I play it with him all the time. Its really quite funny because he is very intence about it! One time he pulled up so hard he almost picked me up. LOL! but part of this might be because he is 16hh and I am 5ft tall!:D
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