Anyone else's horse do this?

Sep 14, 2007
Toby (proving his suppleness in his old age :p) scratches his ears, poll and top of his neck with his hind hoof :D. I've seen him do it about three times now (I've taken to stalking him round the field with a camera hoping to catch a photo of it :p). Apart from young foals, I've never seen another horse relieve their itches like that. Is it common or is he just special :rolleyes::p?
Sep 14, 2007
Oh good he's not alone :p! He tends to get rid of face itches using his fieldmate's bum :rolleyes: - my pale pink (stupid colour to wear to the horses I know :p) jumper is now a kind of gritty brownish colour and covered in hair because apparently I'm quite good for rubbing his face against too :rolleyes:.


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Dec 10, 2008
My horsey did that while I was riding her out on a hack once. I think she had a cleg on her head somewhere.

All of my horses have done it, but I've never seen anyone else's.


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Sep 24, 2007
Duke does this too and at 16'3 chunky irish draft X it is not very graceful :D Amazes me how doesn't fall over.

He's managed to totally wreck the ears on his fly mask this Summer doing it


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May 21, 2006
Oh yes, all the time and will often have a go when I am riding her!!! :eek:

The first time I had the chiro out she was taking history and asked me how supple she is and did she have any balance issues- just as she said it Molly very precisely scratched the tip of her ear with her hind leg. Chiro fell about laughing :p
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