Anyone else got a Barefoot London saddle?


Active Member
Mar 19, 2007
Question is in the title really:D I bought one a couple of weeks ago but due to the rain - today was the first time we got to try it out. Can't believe how comfy it is. It was bought for Robbie but I was letting a friend ride Stumps tonight so said she could try it = we all had a shot as she kept saying how wonderful it was. Stumps has a Barefoot Cheyeene and I am seriously considering getting him a London too......


New Member
Jul 15, 2008
don't have a london, i have a cheyenne though.ETA heard that london's can be a problem if you're short, as the flaps on them are longer???


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Mar 19, 2007
yep - just looked and they are longer but not too bad - guess it depends on who is using it and how long their legs are!! I'm 5'3 and its ok for me
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