Anyone else get their horse blood-tested on a regular basis?

Do you get blood tests done?

  • Yes, I get a blood test at least once a year

    Votes: 4 21.1%
  • No, if the horse looks healthy or has an external vet check

    Votes: 3 15.8%
  • Hadn't thought of it

    Votes: 12 63.2%

  • Total voters
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NZ TB owner
Mar 1, 2002
New Zealand
Get mine done each year with his vaccinations and it's worth its weight in gold. Even the vet commented on how good Imps looking - yet the results have come back - slight anemia and low selenium.

I was expecting the selenium as our NZ soils are often low - but this is such a dangerous mineral that I don't supplement until I've had confirmation from the tests (he's currently on a feed with increased selenium+kelp so if I were to add another supplement without knowing his levels it could be disastrous).

The anemia is a surprise and I need to talk to the vet about causes for that one as anemia in horses isn't quite as straightforward as humans. I'm thinking B12 levels but need confirmation.

Anyway, just thought I'd ask the question about how common it is for other folk\areas to do this - its pretty common in NZ to just ring up your vet for a blood test but after chatting to Chapsi, it seems you don't get to ask\tell your vet what to do in some parts of the world (sadly)


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Where I ride the horses have blood tests yearly, sadly some riders let their mount eat anything in sight and think its funny too.
Some of the horse have other ;) :eek: samples tested too.

There is quiet a list of checks done more regular.

So thats 25 horse votes 'yes' to be added to your poll.
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NZ TB owner
Mar 1, 2002
New Zealand
Hi Entreat - these aren't tests for disease - which have to be specifically looked for. This is a general workup which looks at general health and measures - red and white blood cell counts, vitamin and mineral levels etc.

Given that the biggest expense is usually travel costs for the vet - adding to your yearly vaccination visit doesn't cost all that much - I'll check my bill and let you know what current costs are like here if you like :)

Shiny McShine

Bluey McBlue
Jan 14, 2002

Where I used to work we used to regularly get blood tests for the performance horses if anything didn't seem right or usual. Where I work now the boss' daughter is a vet so if a horse is sick we will immediately get a test, however they have so many horses that regular blood tests are out of the question... I would imagine they would do it for their more valuable horses though.

I think it is probably a good idea to have tests done regularly if you want performance from your horse. For old hacks I would probably only turn to a blood test if the horse was ill.


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Nov 18, 2001
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Have to admit I've never thought about it, let alone done it. Might ask the vet though - they're coming out this week anyway for vaccinations.


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Mar 15, 2000
surrey, u.k.
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I have my mare tested twice a year and my OH's mare done once a year at an annual MOT check up (when they have their jabs, teeth done, etc).

My mare has been anaemic for about 6/8 years. Her blood in all that time has never been normal. She has no other symptoms so is supplemented with a good blood tonic but nothing seems to make any difference.

C'est la vie !


NZ TB owner
Mar 1, 2002
New Zealand
Just got the bill - full blood workup here costs about $80 - that's $1.50 per week, not bad.

BTW Imp does seem to have perked up after about a week on his supplements, which I wasn't expecting as the blood treatments are supposed to take a couple of months to take effect- maybe I'm projecting ;)

Judyl - is the anemia the only abnormality on your mare's blood test? If so have you had fecal worm counts done as chronic anemia doesn't sound good.

Its the Selenium deficiency that's caused Imp's anemia. I didn't know that till the vet explained that low selenium causes the red blood cells to become abnormal in an attempt to fulfill seleniums role.
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