Any welsh section A showing peeps?


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Oct 11, 2003
New forest
Are any of you lovely lot welsh section A showing experts? I've had several and shown 2 of them but only local level. Anyway long story short been offered a welsh A gelding I am in love already. He's very nervous but I think he has potential.
Before I go buying him I would like opinions on him with regards to showing so could anyone who knows their As pm me so I can show you pics and get opinions?
He's got fantastic bloodlines


Apr 29, 2002
Section A at a higher level in hand is essentially restricted to youngstock, stallions and broodmares. Some shows run adult breed classes but they are few and far between. Section A showing is very competitive as they also make ideal lead rein/first ridden M&M ponies

From my experience movement is generally critical and a really good moving pony will beat one who is perhaps more perfect in its static conformation.


May 7, 2002
right here, right now
It's nothing really about breeding either. He might be the best bred pony there but if there's one who moves better or something and your breeding won't matter.
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