Any Polish people here - I need help


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Aug 15, 2005
As we know so little about Kali (his passport is ridiculously short on information), I'm gasping to glean what I can on my own. A Polish groom at our first yard told me his name appeared in a popular Polish children's book about two kids in Africa . . . I think I've finally identified the book: Sienkiewicz's 'In Desert and Wilderness' and wonder if by any chance anyone on here either has or has read the book and can tell me a little more about Kali's character in the book?

I understand that character is a native, African boy, and as Kal was probably born black (he's grey now but was MUCH darker just three years ago) that sort of makes sense . . . but I've heard the character (Kali) referred to as a "savage" . . . hmmmmm, not sure about that one.

Thanks in advance.


Kis Vihar

Nutty Saddlers !
Kis Vihar - I wouldn't dream of asking you . . . but it must be frustrating for people to think that because you live in Hungary you speak every Eastern European language ;).


It's hilarious actually! :D Depending on how rude/impolite/ridiculous the person is who asks me, depends on my level of sarcasm and depth of 'History and Geography of Europe' lesson. :giggle: :redcarded:

I'm always happy to help when I can though! :)

Luna Corona

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Sep 7, 2009
I emailed a friend of mine in Poland and this is what he says about the book:

Sienkiewicz's books are very well known in Poland although they are all poorly written and morally questionable. "In desert and wildreness" used to be obligatory reading in school some years ago, maybe that's why the guy would associate the name with its character. It was written in late 19th/early 20th century and it is very racist and colonialist. It's about two white children of colonists who get kidnapped by the natives (I don't remember why and what for) and taken away from home through deserts and jungles of Africa. At one point they escape their kidnappers and have to get back home on their own, fighting lions and malaria and what not. Kali (boy) and Mea (girl) are two natives who help them to get back home. After much adventure they finally do.

I find it weird that anybody would name a horse after Kali, because in the book he's potrayed in a very racist manner, as intellectually child-like, moral-less and in every way inferior to white people, who are all noble and courageous and clever. He only becomes better when he converts to christianity. I hear that the book was adapted a few years ago into a movie by a South African director, Gavin Hood, but I don't know it. Maybe he's managed to make it less offensive than the original.

Sounds a bit of a creepy book - not like your horse at all, Numbus :frown:
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