Any adults out there wear body protectors?


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Apr 18, 2008
Northern Ireland
Question in the title;) Just wondering if any "grown ups" wear them, apart from when doing xc? I bought one yesterday but I've only ever seen kids in them. I will wear it but I've never, ever seen adults wearing them except for XC.


my friend wears one when she jumps, which isnt very often, as she's feart of jumping.... I dont own one and wouldnt wear it anyway.. which may or maynot be irresponsible fo me, but is my decision

Riley Roo

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Mar 14, 2008
North Wales
I own a body protector and wear it everytime i ride. I'm 31. Riley - in general - is a very laid back, if not lazy, horse and i don't really need it for schooling but i wear it anyway. BP's are not cheap and if i spent that kind of money on one i'll get my money's worth out of it!! :D

My OH has a BP too and he wears his everytime he rides too - he's 37. I know it would be sod's law that the one time we didn't wear it when riding would be the time we should've - so why risk it? :rolleyes:

When i go hacking i sometimes even wear my mountain horse body guard jacket over the top. I look like a michelin woman but i don't care :D

I think safety is even more important for adults than kids as our bones don't repair as easily and at the end of the day we should lead by example x :)


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Sep 17, 2000
I always ride with one now, feel uncomfortable without it (and cook to death with it in this weather ;))

Ditto RileyRoo, I spent an awful lot of money in it, since I started riding my horse again after a fall that ruined my confidence I thought why have such an expensive item sitting in my car boot and not on me! My cob can be a bit daft sometimes, and it takes less time to put it on than it does to fall off!!:D


I ride in one all the time, apart from when we're doing flatwork in the school. Anything that's going to potentially reduce the effects of any splat without greatly inconveniencing me is fine by me, I have too many people who rely on me to be in one piece :)


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Apr 26, 2008
Dudley, West Midlands
I wear mine when riding my share as he can be silly even in the school and 17hh is along way down! Must admit I don't where it when riding at college(though think I will have to to do jumping this year!)or at the RS my son has lessons at. I know a fair few adults that wear them though.


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Aug 31, 2007
I never used to wear one untill I got a bit of a scare when I nearly came off, then I hurt my back, now I never get on a horse without one on. I have a racesafe one and its really comfy (as body protectors go).

I think as you get older you start to realise the consequences of getting hurt if you fall off your horse. I'd love to be a kid again, you never seemed to get hurt when you fell off, you just seemed to bounce and then get straight back on.


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May 3, 2008
London is my playground
Well I'm 18 and I wear one at my RS, but only because I have too!

I never wear one on my share horse, not even while jumping :eek:

A few of the ladies where my share is kept wear them. One owns a huge horse (must be 18hh) and she wears hers all the time, I've even caught her mucking out in it once (her excuse is that if she puts it down she'll loose it :p)

If I'm riding a new horse I'll pop it on, just for added peace of mind.


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Oct 11, 2003
New forest
I'm 22 and never get on any horse without one no matter who the horse is or what I am doing. Any horse can lose it's rider and you can get injured lanmding on any surface. I value my life and would rather have less risk of injury.:)


Aug 22, 2005
I wear mine for cross country but otherwise don´t.

I´m on quite a busy yard and I can only think of one adult that wears one regularly for other work e.g. hacking, schooling, jumping in the school but most do for cross country.


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Nov 20, 2006
Hampshire - Basingstoke
on the other hand i have never had a body protector (well i did for around a year when i was 7) but that was it, luckily i haven't needed a body protector when i have fallen off *touchwood* my good old layer of fat has just made me bounce:D hehe see it is there for a reason;):p anyways at my RS there are a far few young kids that don't bother with body protectors and some adults that do:eek: but then it is a rather odd place in the first place:rolleyes:
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Feb 28, 2006
I'm 25 and i never ride any horse with out it (especially Nico as he has a bit of a reputation for being dificuilt and throwing his weight) I value my body, but i remember watching a thing when branham or something was on tv and body protectors arn't as much protection as you think they are (i can't remember all the details) still i feel hapier wearing mine, i think 80% of people on our yard wear them.


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Oct 10, 2003
I'm 24 and have a mixture of times I use it, I don't normally use it when riding Bramble as I trust her implicitly, Kira I haven't so far as we're just leaning over and sitting on for a second, I need to be flexible for this, as soon as we start walking i'll wear one. I wear one if I hunt or XC.


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Aug 31, 2004
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I'm definitely an adult and wear mine all the time out hacking. My horse is lovely, but we encountered a low flying helicopter today, which he'd never had experience of before, and a very large lorry coming down the hill at him (he isn't mad about very large lorries). The point is, you can't anticipate every eventuality, and you can't guarantee how they will respond. I think it's sensible to wear one.


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Oct 19, 2007
I ride mine when I hack or jump although tend to not bother for flat work.

Mine saved me from broken ribs on a recent hack so I wouldn't go out without it and TBH the one I have is so comfy I barely notice it!
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