Anxious Mum (stupid)


Megan's mummy :-D
Sep 6, 2005
I've been up since 4:30am and I'm cream-crackered, stupid woman! :rolleyes:

I am so anxious about moving Megan to the new yard. I worry about the stress of a new move on her and her heart. Now, I KNOW, she'll be fine but I cannot stop worrygutsing and I'm mad with myself for it as I only catnapped all night long :mad:

Last night when we got her in she was distinctly 'funny' with me; she kissed my daughter but wouldn't meet my eye. We had to walk past a trailer on the way in from the field and she started heavy breathing and fast pacing past it. I know she feeds emotion and anxiety from me, I had a health issue recently and she was really clingy and soppy towards me for a week or so before I knew there was anything afoot :p Once that was resolved she was back to being a dope on a rope again :D

When we got her from the RS and turned her out she barged the gate open to get out in a panic. I'm prepared for that this time and will watch out. I keep telling myself, she's not going out with a herd, she's in sight of lots of other horses and will be in a paddock with another quiet little mare around her size. She'll be fine, she'll be fine... :(

I'm just looking for the old thread on what to take out on a hack for confidence and in case of emergency; got the lavendar oil in my handbag and plan to buy polo's on the way... was it HC's rubber suit :eek: ?

Phew! Feel better for getting that off my chest, this is for the best but I worry about Megan like she's a child (Gawd, there's no hope for me is there :rolleyes: )

Charging up the camera batts and promise pictures later on.


Gracie's mum
Jul 31, 2005
Oh Imp.... bless! You will BOTH be fine.... she is going to be so close to you at the new yard and can graze 24/7 which she will LOVE when the weather is hot.... they really enjoy being out at night during the summer as the cool air helps them to chill... mentally as well as physically :p

Think of those butterflies as excitement rather than nerves and you will be fine!

Look forward to an update later. xxx

Maddison's girl

I didnt sleep the night before we moved Madison and Snowy. Not sure whether it was nerves, excitment or a bit of both. But come morning I felt sick. Funny thing is that they both strolled onto the truck like the did it every day and strolled off again at the new yard. Cool as cumcumber :rolleyes:

I'm sure it will be fine. Looking foward to seeing the pics :)


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May 7, 2003
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My advise to you would be to prepare yourself and Meg's as much as you can. Then take a deep breath and deal with daily life as it comes at you. If you settle in the new yard then meg's will. Do it for Meg's. Tell her the yard is lovely and that you really like it. She will settle. Try not to worry. Everything will be ok the minute she see's the grass.:rolleyes:


New Member
Jan 4, 2006
Oh Love....

I think you should just let yourself go throught these emotions Imp. They are perfectly natural and of course you will have worries about the move.

Poor Megan when she arrived at your yard had probably been from pillar to post before she settled with you guys. Probably hadn't bonded with anyone and had no human to feel confidence and security from so no wonder it took her a while to settle.

Remember this time you are moving with her, plus all her 'stuff' especially the feed buckets! Make sure you have plenty of time to stay with her today so she has your smell for security.

We have something in common, though. I bought some second hand rubber matting from another livery and to put it down you obviously have to empty the whole stable, clean the concrete floor, let it dry, put down matting, then bedding etc - a two day job.

We arranged for us to transfer Cooper's clean bedding into a stable in the indoor barn so that we could do it over the weekend.

I too have been awake and up since 5am because I wanted to be the one to catch him this morning, put him in the new stable and give him his breakfast just in case he gets a bit stressed about it.

Cluck, cluck, cluck, mother hens we are.

Best of luck with the move Lynne.

Looking forward to hearing about it all later.




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Apr 30, 2005
I hope everything goes smoothly. Megan is so much more secure now, and having the people around her that she loves and trusts will help her settle this time, last time everything was new to her, I am sure she will cope so much better this time :)


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Oct 8, 2005
It's normal to feel like that - you are NOT stupid.

The week before I moved TC & Crofter to our new yard (we've been there 3 weeks now) I hardly slept at all, I was on NR drinking Horlicks at 3.00am several times - it's natural to be anxious about moving even though you know it's the right thing to do.

Megan will be fine, TC & Crofter looked like they had lived at the new yard the whole time after 2 hours!!

Try some Rescue Remedy and another Bach's essence to take is Walnut (it's for major change).
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