Anxious Horse.. Advice pls! *LONG*


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Feb 27, 2008
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Hi All! Thanks for reading in advance.

I keep my mare at a private yard, there is gelding there 14.2, 16 yr old TBx, he is lovely and i have a lot of time for him.

He was bought for there daughter - didn't work out so he is ridden occassionaly by her mum. I help to look after him and he is lovely and i find him easy to handle most of the time.

Problem is... he is MADLY in love with my mare and the other mare is his bit on the side whn Angel is in a strop. If I take Angel away, he paces, gallops round, really froffs up into a big dripping sweat monster! If we leave him in the stable he thrashes around rears up puts his feet on the wall - way higher then anyone could imagine a 14.2 could!

Angel went away for 2 days and he paced the pield for 2 days solid only eating his hay when he came in at night and lost a lot of weight.

Since I came back with Angel we have uped his hay and feed as he does have trouble holding his weight, and had lost an awful lot of weight. I can see this may be a problem as more feed = more energy!

His latest trick is to not want to go out on a ride, he dosn't do anything horrible, just walks backwards, he dosn't care if he falls down a ditch or anything, the more you kick he walks faster BACKWARDS!

Now he is a lovely boy and is definately the type to end up in the wrong hands, he needs someone to understand him. Any ideas as to what we can do to calm him down? he is on Stresscare and have tried steady up. we have just bought Karma (bluechip). Angel has been in isolation the last few days and he in't bothered so long as he can see her.

Bit of a pointless post as i am rambling on but am getting desperate! I really want to try and turn him round to the lovely calm boy he used to be. I am worried that if i don't he will be sold and will definately end up somewhere horrible. :mad:

Thanks for reading, any advice would be great, Big glass of Wine to those who got here! :p


Jan 8, 2008
with the voices in my head
This happened to my horse (TBx) She was kept with 2 other horses and was extremely stressy. Even if the others were in view in the yard while she was in her stable (poorly foot) -she would pace, neigh, and get really upset.
They were out all day then in (next to each other) at night. To be honest I put it down to being a TB!
Last year we moved away and ended up on new yard 20 ish horses and always someone to see during the day. She's never been happier -she needed a busier yard. She is in 24/7 over winter and is really relaxed.
Sorry -I know it's not to helpful but reading your thread could have been my diary from last year!:D
Maybe getting a companion for him to "cling to" instead of your horse, might help.


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Sep 27, 2007

I agree, getting him his own 'companion' might help him.

Failing that, could he be moved to a new yard. Although it might be stressful for him, the enw environment might take away his pining for your horse and he might settle better?

Not really sure what else to suggest, sorry x
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