Another thread about body protectors...

Aug 12, 2006
Sorry to have to start another haha :eek: but it's about time for me to get another body protector as im growing out of mine current one. I currently have a champion cobra zip up one, I love it to peices, but i've decided im my next purchase i'm not going to buy another one.. i find it SO comfortable etc etc, but zipping it up is a job and a half! I can't zip it up by myself and i have to do it at home BEFORE i get to my riding destination otherwise its just too fiddley and takes to long, despite as much as i love it.

I've taken a keen interest in the Champion Victory body protector this time, it hasn't got a zip up the front just the velcro do ups - Im worried its going to restrict my movement though? As i've had a Arieoware velcro before and couldn't move in it, although it felt fine in the shop.. so has anybody had any experience with the Champion Victory?
My second option would be the Racesafe 2000 - Does anybody have this and is it a struggle to do it like the cobra? Or does it go up smoothly?


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Sep 15, 2007
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I've got the Racesafe. As far as BPs go, it's nice. I like mine and I hate all BPs. I don't wear them much, but I've been hunting with it, x country schooling and it's comfortable and moveable, plus it allows you to breathe!

I find mine quite easy to do up. It's got adjustable lacing on the sides so you can mke it wider if you want. Mine's a child's medium though so it's getting a bit small now! When it's new you might need to hold it together to do the zip up, but after you've "broekn it in" it's easy. I would recommend it. The only BP I will actually wear (I hate them with a vengeance)!! :eek:


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Feb 17, 2008
Think BP's must be the hardest thing to buy!!!

I have been trying them on now for a few weeks and can't get one that fits. Haven't managed to track down a shop that sells a race safe one in my size.

Kan Teq do one that is designed for women - £225 - :eek::eek::eek:

Try google to find the Airowear web site. They have just launched a new BP for women. It is flexible and lightweight and designed for womens shape. Sounds great and I think I am going to wait until they come out - should be in the shops in May apparently. Called the Airowear Outlyne.

Just bought my daughter a BP today - she has recently started riding lessons. I think it looks too short now I am home although it was fitted in the shop (I thought it looked OK in the shop). Will need to get her RI opinion tomorrow before her lesson. :confused:
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Try Airowear Outlyne


What makes you like the Champion Victory so much? I agree with Kusha and would at least wait until the Outlyne body protector comes out in May.

Most body protectors are really stiff until your body heat softens them after a while, and because they are so rigid to begin with, it makes zipping up much harder to do! Outlyne won an innovation award for being so flexible and comfortable and the reason why is becasue it is soft and flexible BEFORE waiting for your heat to make it softer. This not only means the Outlyne curves and moulds around your body, it also makes it easier to do up!

I definately suggest going to your saddler in May!



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Dec 30, 2005
Can someone confirm how a body protector is supposed to fit lengthwise?

I am very tall (6ft female) but narrow (size 8/10) and annoyingly i believe i was sold an illfitting racesafe 2000 from my tackshop last christmas.

They said it needed to be as long as possible down my spine, and to get the length i now have an adult medium, which is like a large empty cage around my ribs and i can wear it easily over layers of jackets. (or creates an illusion of boobs :eek:) and it doesn't interfere with the saddle at the back. They did make me sit on saddles on the shop to check this.

In the summer though its totally ridiculous looking - over a t-shirt it's enormous.

However the girls in the shop insisted it was the length that was important. I'm not convinced... thoughts?


A body protector is supposed to fit as close to your body as it can without being too tight that you can't breathe! I disagree with what the shop assistant who fitted your Racesafe said. A body protector should fit like this....
1. When you sit on a saddle, there should be a hand's width between the saddle and base of the garment
2. At the front, it should sit 2 fingers below your last middle rib
3. It should lie flat on your shoulders, if not, the back length is likely to be too long

The reason why a body protector needs to fit close to your body and why you should wear layers over the top and not underneath is because it can reduce the impact absorption.

I have a feeling that Racesafe and most other styles of body protector may not fit you because of your size (lucky!) The new ladies body protector from Airowear - Outlyne is designed to fit women of all shapes and sizes because it takes into account the height and proportions of the female body shape, which most other styles do not. Therefore, there is bound to be a size to fit you in the Outlyne style. Check out the size chart for Outlyne on


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Apr 1, 2008
I am lucky enough to have the new kan teq one designed for women - it really is completely unique. not unly does it have allowance for my bust but also is not held rigidly at the sides so is the only body protector that you can really breathe in. I have tried lots of different body protectors and it is very different to anything else i tried and definately worth the investment! I don't think you can put a price limit on comfort and safety - it feel really safe when i am wearing it. I know when i had a cheaper one i never wore it cause it was so uncomfortable and therefore a bad investment!


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Aug 6, 2008
hey guys! I have been wearing a Kan body protector since Christmans (Santa was good to me!) and absolutely love it!!! Its so comfy, and I can breathe :D Plus...I actually wear it instead of it gathering dust somewhere. Definitely ££ well spent by santa. :)
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