Another I love my yard post!


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Jun 6, 2011
The yard we are on is just perfect! Scarlet is happy as are all the other horses and the place is like a wee family.

Feel sooo lucky as made real friends who would help out any of us and not just with horsey stuff....such a nice bunch of people :biggrin: They are all so positive about getting my confidence back up and encourage/bully me (in a good way!) to ride and tell me I'm not as bad as i think and give me nice helpful advice on how to improve.

YO is awesome!!!! I don't think I mentioned on here that she bought every horse a big tub of treats (the kind that S gets in her treat ball and I use when working on ground work and last me about 5 months!) and every owner a big box of maltesers for Christmas....she is such a lovely woman who is always available for advice, help and support.

I'm just a very happy bunny there :cloud9:


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Jun 12, 2009
West Mids
Lovley happy thread LS, just what we need!! :biggrin:

Its so nice to see happy stories with yards & YO's, so often we just see the bad stuff!
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