Another "How much weight" thread!!!


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Yet another how much weight can she carry thread.
Just wondering how much weight my mare could carry?
She is 14.2hh TB cross

I am guessing 9 to 10 stone? :confused:




Id say 11.5stone very maximum, only because of the TB breeding though, but it really depends on amount of bone, tb x what?, fitness etc and cant really tell that from a pic.

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Well when I first had her we initially thought she was a TB cross newforest but not sure really.
She's rather fit, but does lack muscle because she has only been in proper work for about 2 months now!

I shall search for a few more pictures :)

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This is a pic from a few weeks ago


And this is from a few weeks ago also but a front view!


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May 16, 2008
if they was a experienced rider then 11 stone max if there not then id say 9 ish stone im no expert though :)


Aug 27, 2004
No more than 12st - Tack not included. I've ridden a gelding like her (same kind of height, slightly slimmer build) and I was over 11.5 and he was fine.

ETA - That was once a week for an hour. I wouldn't do it repeatedly, day after day for a long time tbh :)

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Ok just wondered because my dad wants to ride her and to be honest he is pretty good, I mean he learnt sitting trot and diagonals on his first lesson, canter on his second and jumping. Pretty impressive. And we used to go on hacks together at hacking centres. He is a balanced rider with his weight and aids

I don't like him riding her because he is about 12stone so I have told him to lose a few stone lol, but he had a 5 min ride in walk last week and I have felt a bit guilty since as shes only little.

Lol its just another excuse to get another horse ;)
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May 18, 2008
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well to be fair, my sister loaned a thoroughbred a few years ago and she was not the lightest of people, I think 5'6 and around 10-12stone and the horse was absolutely fine and as I said she was purebred and papered.

If your dad is balanced with his weight then I doubt he will put much strain on her - in riding schools around here they put 15st riders on 14.2 ponies!

If it wasn't a regular thing then I wouldn't think she'd mind too much - perhaps tell him to wait until she has been in work for a little while longer?
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