Another 'how much?' thread =)


Aug 27, 2007
West Yorkshire
We are selling our gorgeous cob :(
So just wondering about his price...

Frankie – 6 year old 14.1 traditional gelding who has a loveable character and an eager attitude. He is excellent to load, clip, catch, bath, and shoe; he has been shod but is currently fine without shoes. This lovely pony is a very good doer and has lived both in and out without problem. He has plenty of mane and feather and is big boned so would be an ideal weight-carrier. He is a forward but safe hack both alone and in company, snaffle mouthed at all times. Frankie is beautifully marked and has been placed well in the few local shows we have taken him to. He has also completed a couple of fun rides which he really enjoyed. He is green in the school and at jumping but he has a willing attitude and will strive to please. Frankie has only been lightly ridden for the past few months due to A levels, and owner is now going to university hence this very sad sale.

That's the advert ^^ :)



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Mar 8, 2007
Knee deep in muck

This one was £3500-same as yours?? Quite well schooled, tho and can really jump. The money is dependent on what people want him for: a YO I know told me it depends-for him-on how safe the horse is to hack. People pay lots for that and mine is a very safe hack. Stick him on for at least the same and don't be averse to offers: is the money a big issue or are you looking for a particular type of home for him?


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Jun 4, 2008
oo hes lovely i think to get an accuate ish price id research the market for horses with the same qualities as yours and get a ball park figure



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Sep 29, 2007
Wonderful Wales
He's handsome.

Safe and reliable hacks are hard to find so if he fills this criteria and is good to handle I would say minimum of £2500 (in current climate) to around £3500. I would put him up at £3200 ovno.

Good luck to you both :D
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