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a friend of a friend is trying to sell her youngster,
she is a 14hh chestnut mare about 6 i think, she is almost completly unbroken, never seen traffic, bucks when ridden and bolts on the lunge and is very bolshy on the ground. she has got some arab in her but loads of other breeds thown in aswel, her passport doesnt say what breed she is but they think she has arab in.
how much would you pay for a horse like that?


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Dec 11, 2007
Kent England
£200 poss. Would have to see it first. Maybe more depending on breed pedigree etc, feel about it all etc. Have you considered sending the pony for prof schooling. this could make all the difference to its future and get you a little more money and a secure future for the pony.
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the horse isnt mine, she belongs to a friend of a friend, i personally don't think she will get much for her but she thinks otherwise, just wondered what would be the most you would pay for her? don't want to post pics as she isnts mine!


Feb 18, 2007
west yorkshire
well i wouldnt, personally. but if i was in your friends position i would be offering a permanent loan.. but i think she would struggle to find the right person.:)


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Apr 20, 2007
Milton Keynes, Bucks
about £100

I paid £700 for Jess she was 3, and just backed but nothing else, she had seen traffic etc tho....but at 6 and more of less untouched and rude, she may find it ahrd to give her away!


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Oct 3, 2007
South Midlands
She could make a fab pony if someone had the time and patience to take her on. I hope that she finds that special person:) underneath all that bolshy attitude is probabably a sensitive soul waiting to bloom:).
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