another how much question - with a twist


Jasper 1993-2008 'Legend'
this is my old saddle, i now have a nice new SCS, now i have the time to sell my old saddle just wondered what you guys thought it was worth...

it is a black Jefferies/ GFS Pro event saddle, it is 6 years old not much wear and tear apart from a few small scratched where i fell in a ditch :rolleyes: 18", narrow to medium fit GP saddle. what do you saddle guru's think i should be asking for it ?

Thank you :)


scratches across top of seat, i had to zoom right in to get them though, they are barely noticable


two new girth straps that dont look too asthetically pleasing LOL

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Sticky's GF

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Sep 10, 2007
How much are they new?? I think you could ask for £400+, it looks in good condition. Maybe more?? :)

Hmmm, might start a 'how much' thread for my card bill for new one comes in in 2 weeks....gulp!!!!

Sticky's GF

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Sep 10, 2007
Well then I think £400/£450 is about right. I am toying whether to put mine on ebay or with a local tack shop. Am leaning towards the tack shop option, as most people tend to get their saddles fitted so maybe thats the way to go. Plus mine is a fairly standard size and looks pretty so hopefully will sell. Mine fitted but jez needed more clearance over his withers. We now have the WOW with the risers underneath - can get my arm underneath it practically!

Have you got somewhere local that does 2nd hand saddles? Normally they take about 20% of any profits.


have a look on ebay, see what they are going for, with my albion i done it as a buy it now or best offer, and put it at £50 more than i wanted for it. knowing people would knock me down, plan worked i got what i wanted for it minus the extra 50... i beloved saddle is now in finland!

also saddles direct are pretty honest and straight up, you can email them about buying it from you. they are not rip off people that off er you a daft price


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Dec 16, 2004
You never make your money back on saddles :rolleyes: My Ideal Grandee retails at a similar price to the GFS and i got less than £400 for it second hand, in immaculate condition with not a mark on it. If you want a quick sale be prepared to take a loss.

shikras mum

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Apr 3, 2008
Co Durham
my advice would be to try selling privately first. i sell quite a few used saddles on ebay and privately and i find that they never really make what you think they are worth on ebay. I've actually had a few sell at a big loss, not much of a sales person am i ..:)
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