Annies Driving Diary

x x Summer x x

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Aug 27, 2007
I thought this might be of use to some.

Annie is 12 and just being broken to drive hasnt done anything since she was about 6 due to lammi problems.

So yesterday we started the education of main roads

First walk out was fine but no traffic passed so later on we went out again in wind and rain just on a long lead rope and headcollar and my crop and a carrot just in case.

She met a big bus, a large digger and some cars with thier lgihts on! all a bit scarey but she did very well. This morning again we went out a different way, a bit more exciting for her as a rider went past trotting and she wanted to follow but again enforcing the walk and stand commands and trot she worked very well, she even christened the road!
Got a couple of nervous whinnies for her field mate but other than that was very proud of her especially when the large truck with flashing lights went past.

At the weekend we will long rein out with help and hopefully get some pics

x x Summer x x

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Aug 27, 2007
Well eventually got OH to help and long reined her out before xmas, she did quite well although a little spooked and she trod on his heel and bit him! lol

Heres her new harness, its a big large on the bridle but Im going to alter it to fit so excuse the low bit etc


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