An exciting visit from the chiropractor


Jane&Sid these days!
Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
Never mind that I forgot she was coming and had to scream back from the cafe at 100 mph :redface:

She did Mattie first because he is worst, and Ziggy was shut in the shelter with a cooler rug on to dry off. He was an absolute idiot, leaping from one end of the shelter to the other, trotting round and round and pooing 4 times in 30 minutes. I wondered why, then Joanne commented that she had seen the hunt up at Farley Green. That explained it - Ziggy is always a total muppet when the hunt is out. So we wrote off his treatment.

Joanne spent ages on Mattie and worked on an area she has only just qualified to treat, the pelvic suspensory. Mattie always really concentrates on his treatments, cooperating as much as he can and showing with his facial expression, breathing and ears how it is helping him. Joanne was deeply engaged in releasing a muscle group in his stifle when a Chinook helicopter (the giant one with rotors front and rear) came right over the shelter at about 50m. Mattie very politely walked away from Joanne, stepped over her box, and only then stood up on his hind legs!

Well, once all the drama was over Joanne finished the treatment and it was wonderful to see Mattie arch his neck and his back and stick his tail right up like a proper Arab to gallop off up the field with his loopy pony best friend. They played for ages, galloping to and fro, bucking, rearing and pawing.

What a wonderful job to have!
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