Am I over-pricing Charlie?


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May 27, 2007
I would have said £1800 to £2250 would have been a better price to sell.

The sweet itch would be a problem to a lot of people as severity can depend a lot in where you live eg. He might be worse in a different area.

Plus he can be a bit strong etc, but hasn't really done a lot of pc or RC work which is where his market will be, especially given his height. If he has then mention it!

I would also leave out a lot if things you said and tell people about them later on.. Eg. Running off once isn't a vice enough to mention unless asked, although if he did it often then it would!


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Mar 15, 2008
The sweet itch straight away puts me off on the price.

He sounds like a bigger version of my chap. He was strong willed more than actually strong. Little spooky i used to call it his foghorn snort. Didn't normally do anything. Had odd spin and went nowhere. That was just him.

So that doesn't worry me about the advert, He sounds rather fun.

Not seen the horsemart advert. Is it similar to what is on here?
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Apr 29, 2002
Just a few points...

Is he a registered branded forester? If so give Breed name bloodlines.

How tall are you? My 5'11" daughter rides my 14.1 Connemara and looks tiny on her compared with your picture, have you had him properly measured and is he actually 14.2

What competitions has he won, BS , Trailblazers...verifiable results

From what you have posted on here I fear you would be struggling to get half of what you are asking...have you got a reference to your Horsemart advert,I can't find anything like him listed under Mand M which is where i would be looking if I wanted a NF?
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Jul 22, 2003
It sounds like he has a lot going for him and actually some of the cons you listed - such as spookiness and 'snortiness' - aren't things that will bother the kind of rider you should be advertising to. As Laceyfreckle said, you can leave that out and maybe tell people once they're interested - just be aware of what is 'too much information.' If it isn't a problem, it doesn't need to be mentioned, so if it is mentioned it would make me more inclined to think of it as a problem.

He seems like a nice, allround pony for a small adult or teenager interested in general pony/riding club activities. Really, this is one of the better markets to be in at the moment. The only thing to really worry about in terms of selling points is sweet itch.

For today's market and what you're aiming for, £2950 is too much. I'm not sure what area you're in but I would say the top price you could advertise at is £2500 although it depends how quickly you want/need him sold. You're only just coming up to the right kind of time to sell in April but unless you're selling an already-established high-performance horse it is difficult going at the moment.
What is the absolute bottom line you'd be willing to let him go for?

Also have you tried calling local hunts, pony/riding clubs etc and asking around? Speaking to your local tack shops are also good as they will know people in the area who are looking. Reputable dealers get people ringing and asking them for horses all the time and some will work out a commission-based deal with you to help sell your horse.


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Apr 1, 2008
County Durham
The pictures make him look very downhill and flat over fences, he looks like he is on the forehand in all of them. Try and get some better photos, he is overbent in a few of them too - also is he always in double reins? I think it's just because the reins are thicker than standard but it makes him look really over-bitted. Switch the reins to some thinner ones and it will look much more elegant.

As for price, unfortunately I do think it's a bit steep for how you have listed it. While an honest seller is a breath of fresh air, listing a horse's "bad points" can deter people. The way he is listed makes him sound more like a project pony which I don't really think he is. I would go for a total refresh of the advert - get a nice jumping picture, a side on conformation shot and a flatwork shot where he's not overbent. Condense the advert and keep it simple - you can sum up all his "faults" with something like "suit competant teenager" or "ideal second pony". The videos don't do him justice so ditch them or get some better ones. I think he is a lovely pony but he is not being portrayed to his full potential.

14.2hh Registered New Forest gelding with XXX bloodlines. Well mannered, 100% to box/shoe/catch/clip/farrier etc. Ideal second pony - has competed successfully in riding club activities with previous owner; finished XX in Trailblazers 2010. Hacks out alone or in company and is good in traffic. He does have mild sweet itch but this is controlled with a rug which will be supplied with him. A sad sale of a much loved pony but he is proving to be a little too much for my novice daughters - currently ridden X times a week by me so he is fit and ready to go. A 5* home only please - would consider LWVTB to right home.

.....something like that?

Thyme & Me

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Nov 23, 2011
Thanks! That sound much better!! He's never in double reins - I hadn't even noticed. :rolleyes: He was just trying different bits including a pelham and I took some pics. I don't think I am doing him justice with the ad tbh. 2 RIs who know him very well told me he was worth 3.5K+ when I asked them because he moves so well and jumps well. and has such a lovely temperament. I accept that is over-ambitious but I also need to go on a photoshoot and get some better pics up. I tried to be super-honest in the ads because when I was buying I was fed up of horses not being as advertised! But I guess I might be putting people off.....


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Apr 25, 2003
it's a difficult one, when i was looking for a horse in 1992, we viewed 60 or so, all over the south coast, so few of them were remotely described correctly and it was such a waste of time and petrol, most of them i never even got on board.

i think you need better pictures of him and also stress his good points


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Dec 22, 2006
I would say 1500 is more realistic in current climate and his current position. He has potential. However that was all with previous home which was 3 years ago if i read right? This he currently goes ok but has many negatives. Sorry.
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