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Jan 12, 2012
The sun is shining, spring is in the air, and I’m going to try out a prospective share horse tomorrow :smile:. I posted on here a few weeks ago when I was feeling stressed out and confuzzled, and you were all lovely and gave great advice, so I wanted to share my good news and happy vibes!

If all goes to plan this will be more of an exercise arrangement really. I’m to ride one evening per week to keep the horse ticking over, since her owner can only ride at the weekends. Trouble will stay fitter and more supple – and so more able to do what her owner wants when she has time to ride – while I get a horse to play with :biggrin:

What with the health problems my last share horse experienced, and the myriad ways in which he was not quite right for me, I’d lost sight of my love of riding. Now I have the old “excited butterflies” feeling back, and I can’t wait for tomorrow morning.


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Apr 27, 2011
I’d lost sight of my love of riding. Now I have the old “excited butterflies” feeling back, and I can’t wait for tomorrow morning.

:biggrin: Lovely to read your whole post but this part especially jumped out at me. Good luck for tomorrow, this sounds like it would be a perfect arrangement for all of you.


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Nov 14, 2009
I really hope it works out for you. :smile: It sounds like a great arrangement, and everyone benefits. As a sharer, it is hard to find the right combination of horse, owner and yard, and there is often a compromise in at least one area. It sounds like you know all about this!

Good luck tomorrow morning, and enjoy your ride. Please let us know how you get on.


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Jan 12, 2012
Well, I rode Trouble for the first time this morning. Announcing that spring had arrived yesterday was obviously tempting fate, because today was decidedly wet and windy. My hacking partner has a nasty cold and wisely went home instead of braving the weather. So I tacked up with undampened enthusiasm (snigger) and headed out for a ride by myself.

Trouble expressed polite concern when a total stranger climbed on board, and hesitated momentarily when asked to leave the yard. It only took a tiny squeeze and a word of encouragement to keep her walking but it made me realise she was feeling a little anxious. I chose a circular route that she knows well and that wouldn't take us too far from home.

A very alert Trouble marched round the village; ears pricked, head up, jumping at small noises. Considering she was a bit tense she actually behaved extremely well. Apart from a couple of mini spooks and a few reminders not to jog - both things I can definitely live with - she didn't put a foot wrong. After about 30 minutes she snorted a couple of times and reached for the contact, having obviously decided I wasn't an evil wicked Feawen afterall.

After the recent dry spell and sudden rain the ground was a bit slippery, so I thought we'd have our first canter in the school rather than the fields. Wrong! I'd been warned that Trouble isn't ridden in the school much, but she still felt suprisingly green to me, struggling to keep to the track and bending to the outside on the corners on both reins. Wanting to stay in her comfort zone for our first ride, we left after a few minutes and did our fast work on the grass track that runs around the farm instead.

Cue a much happier Trouble and a delighted Feawen! She has nice paces - a lovely elastic trot in particular. Schooling while hacking, with a few minutes here and there, is definitely our way forward. We finished with a few short bursts of canter on an uphill stretch of track then walked home on a long rein. I untacked and spent some time finding her itchy spots before sending a cheery text to her owner.

This has turned into an epic post, sorry guys! The short version: Feawen had a super Satruday :)


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Apr 27, 2011
Sounds like the two of you are going to have a great time together. Glad it all went so well. Did smile at her name!


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Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
I like her name too, do you know why she got it? It sounds as though the two of you are a great match. Look forward to more posts!


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Dec 11, 2009
North East Linconshire
So I tacked up with undampened enthusiasm (snigger) and headed out for a ride by myself.

ROFLMAO .... Love that :biggrin:

Great post, she sounds like a very trusting horse too. Don`t worry about epic posts, we love reading about others adventures ..... but as mentoned, pics would finish the tale off wonderfully :biggrin:



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Jan 12, 2012
Hehe, I'm sure I'll post Trouble pics soon, but I want to check her owner doesn't mind first. I'll try to tell you what she looks like in the meantime. She's a dark bay LW cob mare with a small amount of feather. She has a quite fine head, small ears and a very slightly dished face. When I first met her I assumed she was one of the old fashioned 'working' types of Welsh D, but her owner says she was imported from Ireland. Don't know how old she is, but probably in her teens, and about 15hh. And she has a BIG trot with a high action.

Trouble is an alias, but her owner uses it as an affectionate nickname, and it sooo suits her. She looks like a Trouble :inlove: I'm waiting for her owner to get back to me about practical arrangements (she's away at the moment) but hopefully we're good to go.
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