Advice/tips for herd mare


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Jun 11, 2018
Hey I have a 6 year old TB x WB, I've had her 2 years. She's amazing in every way except she has this issue when certain horses are not around her in the stable or ridden

In the stable she will pace the stable and whinneying incredibly loudly

Ridden wise she can whinneying and has now started being extra keen/worked up.

latest thing was riding past her field back from a ride where she could see her favourite companion, who briefly disappeared behind a tree out of sight and so had a tantrum and tried to refuse to go back home.

Is there anything I can do to improve this

P.s teeth back and feet all fine. she has had them all out in the past 4 weeks


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Jan 6, 2006
I'm not sure what you can do about in the stable except get everything done as quickly as possible & see if a net of hay will distract her a little. Also try bringing her in for short periods, staying with her & then putting her out so she doesn't think coming in means she's stuck on her own for ages.

Ridden wise I'd say you need to be consistently firmer so she accepts that she's with you, not on her own, and so she doesn't need to turn to her friends. Tantrums & refusing are not an option, you need to calmly insist that she listens. And that brings me to another thing - are you stressing about her stressing & so not giving her the calm guidance that she needs?


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Jun 11, 2018
I have actually she ridden her tonight before these messages. She was fine until a mare seen her from her field (quite a distant to be fair) whinnyed and that just set her off. I feel i do remain calm and I start firstly walking around doing lots of turns and circles transition work in walk and halt before moving on to anything else. My plan at the moment is just to get her calm in walk and trot which takes about half an hour once she's done 5 to 10 mins good work I come off. 1 month ago she was never like this, shed call when ridden but that didnt bother me. However, the attachment problem seems to of gotten significantly worse. I am not so bothered about the stable, I put her away tonight and she never called for others and there was only 1 horse in a block of 10 with her at the time.
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