Advice. Again


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Feb 3, 2007
East Yorkshire
Right! Hello! Everyone again!!!
Once again, thinking out loud!
As some are aware we have moved to a new yard on a temporary basis. Its about 30 mins away and i will be doing something with the boy daily. We have a large canteen. With kettle, mircowave,decent taps etc. Im basically wanting tips in regards to clothing, motivation. Any good to food that i can have if its freezing. Its been a While since i have done diy


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Jan 6, 2006
Pot noodles, tinned soup/macaroni cheese/spaghetti bolognese etc (take a bowl and clingfilm so you can microwave them), hot chocolate - there's loads of stuff that you don't have to keep chilled and can reheat in a microwave just take a wander round the supermarket and see what takes your fancy.

Keep a change of dry clothes in your car so if you do get soaked through you can change. And if the weather is bad - and I know I'm going to sound like an old fuss pot here - keep a sleeping bag, packet of biscuits and something to drink in your car.

Motivation wise I find the best thing for me is to get into a routine.


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Apr 6, 2021
Same sort of thing but the pasta mug shots. To keep warm, keep moving. You will get cold if you sit around and then motivation goes. I tend to get to yard and do everything I need to do. Then I can relax a bit and do the more enjoyable things. For example I will poo pick first before I go to ride. A good woolly hat, preferably the ones that come over your ears. If my head is warm I’m warm. Do without my hat and I get cold with the same amount of clothing on. I also have waterproof chaps to ride in and generally work in. Some people prefer waterproof over trousers. You can then remove them and wellies at the same time and it stops hah and straw getting in your wellies. Also good gloves and several pairs incase they get wet.


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
Waterproof top and bottom and good boots are a must for me, if I get wet I’m miserable!
Food wise anything you can add just hot water to is quick and easy, and a stash of sweet things for when you’re dragging 😁
I’m another that does chores before fun (or more pleasant) stuff. I’m also a prepper when possible, my mornings are all about speed so I leave nets ready and everything where I need it so I can be done quickly. I also forward plan my week around the weather, make sure i prep and do extras on better days so I can dodge the worst of the weather.
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chunky monkey

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May 2, 2007
Depending on your set up kitchen arrangements. Buy a tin opener and have some cheap cutley stored there.

Buy tinned stuff which keeps and put a supply in the kitchen. Put a stash of microwave containers up there so you can empty tin stuff into to microwave.

Get hold of some metal biscuit tins. If your buying mugshots or packet soups.
Buy sweets and biscuits etc as suggested but put them in your metal biscuit tins.
The reason i suggest metal is if your kitchen area is make shift it might have vermin so if stuff is stored in tins its usually safe.

A hat is a must. Maybe a buff currently. With it turning cold last week i got my buff out the draws. Its not quite woolly hat weather for me yet. But if my head gets cold i get headaches. With the buff i can either have it round my neck and if i start getting cold ears i just put it up over ears, once warm just put back round my neck. I dont have to stuff into a pocket.

Always have a spare coat and trainers, in your car at this time of year. Obviously in case you break down. But if your feet get cold or your boots are muddy, you can slip on some trainers to drive home.
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