Access Problems?


Retired cob mum
Jul 31, 2005
Hi Mike, I'm intermittently getting this on my screen which prevents me accessing NR. Obvs I have got in today, but sometimes it does it for a whole weekend. I use Chrome as my search engine so it's been installed on my phone for years, so if I click on "install" it just takes me to Chrome.

Anyone else reported this? 🤔

I use google chrome as my browser both on my Samsung android phone and on this hp Windows computer, I dont use Safari which strictly speaking was I think designed for Apple.
My phone does prompt me to add the NR app but I have not done this. I get here via Google. The same with our email accounts. I get there via Google search, not via the app.
Companies and sites always want one to install their app but I dont do this. I like to keep my phone uncluttered