Absolutely NO confidence left


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May 7, 2004
West Yorkshire
What has happened to me? I used to be so confident riding Stumps, yet everytime I fall off (usually me being too lazy to keep on) it just *poofs* away into thin air.

I got bucked off today, as i landed hard, i lost my confidence just like that.

It's making riding really miserable, therefore making me unusually grumpy and impatient, not me at all. It's really getting me down, i'm even looking at giving up for a while :(

stormy's mum

Feb 2, 2006
u could just ride at awalk or do some natural horsemanship to bond more with stumps i know how you fell but at least you can ride

Maddison's girl

awww chickflick, dont know what to say to make u feel better. But I do know how u feel I fell off and broke my ribs at one point. It took me quite a while to get my confidence back, but it does happen. U can do it!

Wish I could say something to make u feel better xxx

stormy's mum

Feb 2, 2006
o and to add i hopwe you fell better soon iahve been thee before when oibroke my arm it will come abck eventually


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Jul 16, 2003
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ouchie :eek: naughty stumpy! hope you feel ok. just do as much ridingwise as youre 100% happy with, if needs be, borrow someone elses (safe! i hasten to add!) pony for a couple of rides to boost your confidence :)

(would offer to lend you angel, but since youre quite a way away and she delighted me with an impromptu bolt today this might not be such a grand idea :rolleyes: )


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Feb 21, 2006
okay, heads up, this is gonna be long.

I know what you mean. When I was about 12 I entered my first show, Dressage, I was so excited about it! I stayed up nights on end to memorize the intro test. When I got there I was busting with confidence. When I entered the arena I found out that my RI was going to be reading the test to the beginners! I got so confused! There were only 3 of us in the class but I ended up with third. It took me a while to want to show again, when I did it was an equitation class. I thought, "okay this should be easy, just walk trot and canter." The judge told me that I would have gotten first rather that 7th place (there were 8 in the class) if we haden't gotten the wrong lead! Doh!

Needless to say I felt awful! I felt like I was the most idiodic person in the world, I couldn't even find the left lead! So I decided that the world of english was not for me and left it for 2 years. In that 2 years I got more than I bargened for. I bought my first pony, Plum, 14hh, 20 years old and the most barn sour thing you have ever seen! I owned her for 2 years and in that time we did trail rides and it took the whole time to get her over her barn sourness. She pushed me so hard, every single day! I had no experience with this type of thing and every day I came out of the barn yelling and crying that I wanted to sell her.

But I had a cause, I wanted us to better, so I began to seek help. I unknowingly started using all the methods that I had been taught with my old RI and we began to come together. Unfortunatly by this time she was 22 and I realized that I missed lessons, the hustle of the barn, and shows. 2 years ago I sold Plum and she is now helping a little girl learn to ride, I was so sad to see her go. Now I own a wonderful show prospect, Lance. This summer we are going to start lessons and jump back into Dressage feet first. If I haden't stopped english who knows what would have happened. I would have had more formal training but I learned so much from Plum that it is hard to imagine ever learning all that at a barn. And in all likelyhood I would have never gotten Lance and that I can't imagine at all!

So what am I trying to tell you by relating my whole life's story? Don't give up, at least not compleatly. Try something new, my confidence was shattered too, I didn't fall off but I felt like an idiot up there, and that does the same thing to you mentaly. Maybe you could show in hand, give driving a try, western is pretty fun and a nice relax from the riggors of the riding school. My point is that if you totaly give up you will probably never get back in. Don't let that happen, you know you have had fun with horses before, it will come back to you it just takes time.


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Nov 5, 2005
Redditch, UK
I think you're being a bit hard on yourself - being bucked off doesn't sound like 'being too lazy to stay on' :) Hope you're not too battered, though.

What happened to cause him to buck? Was he just a bit fersh, or did he spook at something? And is it a regular occurrence? All sorts of possible things are springing to mind - with a variety of things that might help. If he's just over fresh, could you try lunging him first for a bit, to use some of the energy up? Also, if he's on hard feed, maybe you could change it to coll mix or something - after I lost my confidence completely and got my new mare, we took her off hard feed completely, and just gave her ad lib haylage, until I got a bit more with it, and then we introduced pasture mix slowly, and at quite low levels as she wasn't doing any hard work. That helped us get used to each other slowly - and actually it didn't take long before I was wanting her fed a bit more to liven her up!

But don't give up - try and work out what is comfortable (perhaps gentle hacks at walk and trot, or whatever you enjoy) and stick with that for a little while. Try and get someone to ride with you, as chatting helps you to relax, which filters through to the horse as well...

hope you get something worked out :)



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Aug 5, 2003

I know how you feel. The ONLY horse I've fallen off and still loved and adored is Piper! With the rest, whenever I fall off I immediately blame myself and feel like I can't ride. My confidence just goes to shreds. Can't really offer any advice, except for take it at your own pace, and dont let anyone push you too fast into something you dont feel confident doing :)
Nov 21, 2005
Plymouth Devon
I know how you feel huni, I recently lost all my confidence. I went from being able to sit to all moose's bucks, to jst being able to walk round on her!!

I hope things get better for u, best of luck hun x x


i know how u feel - i got brokcked off my old horse and landed badly - my mum thought i was dead!!


i got back on a horse and i just rode - yes it took a while - (i had a break) and i have now found my ideal horse!!

just dont give up - i didnt and now im happy and more confident - just belive in yourself


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Oct 5, 2005
Hi chickflick1066... I think you are in Bucks aren't you? I'm quite new to the NR thing, so sorry if I'm completely off the mark here, but I have my pony in Bucks and I know some really terrific 'pony experts' / instructors who might be able to help you regain your confidence. If you're intersted, you could pm me?

Good luck and if in doubt, have another bite of that chocolate easter bunny! :)
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