Absolutely gutted ;(


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Nov 7, 2007
North Cotswolds
This is perhaps a little off topic but hopefully the mods will make an exception to the rule.

A year or so ago me and my mum bread a litter of german shepered puppies, we raised them and then decided after a change in circumstances that they must all be sold.

We sold the last one a few months ago, we were in touch with the new owner. (she had horses etc so he was all good).

Anyway he then got accused of attacking a women, which apparently was lies. So there is a court case on atm, anyway his old owner decided it to be a good idea to let him out with loads of children they wound him up and he nipped one. Like dogs do when they play.

Trust me he is lovely, wouldn't hurt a fly.

Anyway reang up the smorning and he was back by lunch time. HE IS SKIN AND BONES.

He looks nothing like he did before, it's horrible.

How did they not notice???

Well anyway we now can't re-home him cus of the court case, there's a possibility of him being PTS. The women said she just wanted him looked after properly (the women that said he attacked her) sounds like she was right.

Gutted :(

Here he is...


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