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Tami + Floss

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Jun 14, 2005
Preston, England
On wednesday the yard owner was having a arguement with his daughter as she wanted to put her horse out at night but in the field where Floss goes at night. The yard owner then asked me if I would mind his daughters horse going in with Floss to which I politely said no as her horse beats others up. The yard owner agreed and said that it would be just going out during the day which I was happy about. So left the yard wednesday night thinking that everything would be fine.

Wednesday night I had a funny feeling that something wasn't right with Floss and that Molly (yard owner's daughters's horse) was out with her so decided to ring a friend. My friend who turns her horses out with Floss didn't answer her phone so I just left a voicemail.

Thursday morning I went down to the yard to find Floss and my mates horses in. So feeling confused decided to go check on her. Brought her out the stable and tied her up to see she was a mess. She has a large hoof mark (the horse was shod up) on her back end thats swollen and had broke the skin. She has loads of cuts and grazes all over her but the worse was the lump. On her nearside just on the girth area there was a large lump that was on top of a vein. It looked like a blood blister.

Luckily the vet was due to come out today for a dental check so looked over her. Shes stiff which is understandable. The lump they think is a hematoma(sp?) so she is now on bute and has an inflammatory gel put on it 4 times a day.

So now Floss is going to be off for a week or so or until the swelling has completely gone. However she is allowed to be lunged doing walk and trot.

The thing that has angered me the most is the fact that I left that yard on the Wednesday night thinking that she would be fine and safe to arrive on the Thursday morning to a horse that had been beaten black and blue and left int he field all night with these injuries and they had assured me that Molly would not be going out with her. It's seriously made me think about moving yards as I can't trust my yard owner anymore.

Sorry that its long but had to have a rant somewhere about it.
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Tami + Floss

Living a dream ...
Jun 14, 2005
Preston, England
The reason I am thinking about moving yards as he (the yard owner) put the horse out with Floss and didn't even think to inform me. It could of been a lot worse, I may not have a living horse as it was only the morning after that I realised and he didn't even notice the injuries when he brought her in the morning after.

Am I just over-reacting?


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Sep 14, 2005
Ontario, Canada
Uhm... he broke his word and it resulted in an injured horse which he was told would happen.

His horse (I know you said it belongs to his daughter, but legally it's his responsibility) damaged your horse. Therefore he was negligent and should compensate you for these damages. Meaning he has some vet bills to pay I'm affraid!

Good for your mother for speaking up!

Hope Floss gets better soon and is alright.


Monty the Monster Hoss
Nov 15, 2005
Kentucky, USA
Am I just over-reacting?

You certainly are not overreacting. If it was my horse, I would demand they pay for any vet bills, and make them apologize profusly for me not being able to ride my horse. This was not even an accident, they did it on purpose, fully knowing what would happen, and didn't give a damn! :mad:
Not only did they go against your wishes to have your horse be out with this certain horse, they caused harm to your horse. If it was me, that idiotic YO would get quite an earful.
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May 8, 2006
Over reacting?! No you certainly aren't!

First off, kind of obvious, but I'd make quite sure it was YO's daughter's horse who did this. I don't think youre over-reacting at all, but we all know even the best tempered horses can have fall-outs and you'd look quite daft if it turns out to be a mistake.

But that really is quite appauling! It sounds like youve been extremely lucky this is all that's happened (sounds horrid but it could have been so much worse!).
Not to mention that fact that, injuries aside, youre a paying customer and he went against your wishes. I agree, if all is as it seems - ask him to pay the vet bills and see how he takes things from there.
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May 23, 2004
He should certainly foot the vets bill!!! Just because you specifically asked him that day not to let that other horse for that reason!!

Irresponsible girl as well. My horse is dominant and I would never put or ask to put her out fully shod (or else!) if I thought there was a good chance she would seriously hurt another horse. I wonder how she would feel if your horse was fatally or permanently injured :mad:

Healing vibes for Floss :)


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Nov 8, 2004
Aahhh! :mad: I would be absoloutely freaking!! How rude, you are definetly not overreacting, you said no to your YO and he did it anyway, that really annoys me! Some people are so inconsiderate, I totally agree, he should pay for the vets bill!!

Hope Floss gets better!


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Jun 16, 2005
Tami love thats awful poor Floss, hope that she recovers quickly for you. If things get really bad then phone Hilary, sure we can work out a schedule that keeps everyone happy, and at least you know none of our horses will bully Floss! You would be welcome, no doubt about that, and even if its just a stop gap then at least you know Floss will be safe!

Tami + Floss

Living a dream ...
Jun 14, 2005
Preston, England
Thanks everyone for your replies, you've re-assured me now that I ain't been stupid over-reacting. Still thinking of moving yards, theres a yard in Longridge where live that a couple of friends have horses on. He received the vet bill yesterday and has admitted he was in the wrong and is paying the bill but it still doesn't mean he was right. I feel I can't trust him anymore. :(

DeirdreBarlow said:
First off, kind of obvious, but I'd make quite sure it was YO's daughter's horse who did this. I don't think youre over-reacting at all, but we all know even the best tempered horses can have fall-outs and you'd look quite daft if it turns out to be a mistake.

There's no doubt about it as the other 2 horses she goes out with both adore her. One is a little section a with no shoes on and the other is a grey mare with no shoes on and small feet and these kicks were large and shod. I understand where your coming from though.


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
The trouble with this sort of thing is that once its happened, you feel like you can't trust them anymore, and also, even if they apologise and assure you it won't happen again, if you're anything like me, you always think it will:rolleyes: I won't go into details but on my last yard there was an incident, but I felt as though I couldn't trust them anymore and to be honest, it put me off them completely. No actual harm came to my horse as it turns out it was more like phsycological damage - but thats by the by. I hope if you do move yards it goes well, likewise if you decide to stay, hope things are put right.:)

edited to add: at least he's paying the vets bill, so that in itself is a good thing. More than I got - my YO turned on me, and more or less said like it or lump it............!!!

*Solo's Mum*

Solo and Bella
May 21, 2006
"Sunny" Swindon
you are not over - reacting, i would have been fuming. it would be the other way around. it would be ,my mum biting her tounge and me screaming my heasd off. i have a very short temper!



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Dec 21, 2003
You are right to be angry and he was in the wrong. But not trust him again? He has admitted it and paid the vets bills.
Whereas he might have denied any knowledge of damage to your horse from his?
I am not saying go or stay but it might have taken your Mum lots of leters pics. court case etc to pin the responsibility on the YO. A long dispute.
So I would be slightly neutral. If you want to move to be with your firends at another yard, yes , move. But move for the true reason and leave on friendly terms and for positive rather than negative reasons.
The horsey world is a small place and it may be one day that you or your family might want to keep a horse there again.
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