Absolutely fantastic lesson today


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Feb 23, 2006
North Lanarkshire
As some of you will know from my previous posts, my horse Sam is a bit of tank and incredibly strong to ride (for me anyway, Im 5'3 and have very weak arms:eek: ). We had done some jumping in the summer and I found it really difficult to feel in control as he charged at every jump and my arms constantly ached. I changed his bit to a Waterford hanging cheek snaffle on the recommendation of some people here, I did try him in a Kimblewick but I wasnt happy with that and would have preferred to keep riding him in the Waterford as he seems to like that so the Kimblewick has been at the bottom of my box since. I had read many posts on here with people asking what bit they should put in their horses mouth as they are strong, and most people advised flatwork and persistance and thats why I chose to concentrate on his flatwork for a few months.

Anyway, we have been working a lot on our flatwork with 2 instructors, one of them a jumping instructor and one of them classical dressage and over the past few months we have not done any jumping, preferring to concentrate on pole work, circles, serpentines, spirals and getting him collected and on the bit. And its worked wonders on him. Today, my RI decided that we would pop up a few little cross poles and see if all our hard work was paying off. And for the first time since I bought Sam I was able to jump him without him pulling on me, throwing his head down after the jump and I felt so much more in control and more capable of getting him over the jumps. The jumps went up to a 2' straight and he had exactly the same attitude. I am so proud of him, and would like to say to everyone who has given advise on here to anyone about bit changes or improving you horse a big THANK YOU! :D This place has been invaluable to me over the past while and I am so glad that I joined!
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