Absolutely Devastated.

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Quitus & Strike
Aug 8, 2007
Due to the current state of the economy I have been made redundant as of the 19th of September. I can now no longer afford my little car.

Neither can I afford my beautiful horse.

I have been thinking about this for a few days now and I have made the absolutely soul destroying, devastating decision to sell Quitus to someone who will have the time and money to give him what he needs.

I will be spending all my time working on my portfolio and all my money will be needed.

I'm not actually advertising him, he's only for sale through word of mouth and to the best possible home. Here is what I've emailed to horsey friends to pass on.

March 2004 16.3hh (and growing – expected to make 17hh) bright bay registered French Trotter gelding. Excellent conformation, classically bred with exceptional pedigree, this fantastic gelding is showing huge potential in all disciplines. Natural Piaffe, beautiful, floating, correct extended paces. HUGE bold jump. Very trusting and calm nature, he is proving an absolute dream to do in all respects. Hacks alone and in company.

VERY competant, experienced home required for this beautiful horse who was rescued from France in 2007 and now deserves all the love and attention he can get. All who view will not be disappointed by this increadible horse. Burley/Badminton potential - has top International trainer who expects him to go all the way. Redundancy forces devastating sale. References will be required.

Price on Application.

I'm not telling any of you how much I want for him, I have put a high price on him cause he is worth it and I want him to go to the most knowledgable home possible. He is worth so much to me this is killing me to have to do this.


Quitus and I. xxx
I really do feel for you - I was made reundant on the 4th August and am currently trawling job sites to try to find anything as my money will run out on the 25th of this month.
:(Oh no sweetie i am so sorry to hear that :( DAMN THE ECONOMY :mad:

Can i say though, people who dont have much money can still be a knowledgable home (me included, :eek: not that i can even afford a horse if it was £100 at the moment given my blimmin employment circumstances!)
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Oh no how awful. Ali I am so so sorry. What with loosing Ace and now having to make this decision, you poor thing. Could you not consider getting a sharer or something?

The economy sucks at the moment I might loose my job too. It is such a shame we are not closer to eachother, you and your mum could share Angel with me then may be able to keep Mr. Q.

I know this won't help but I am sure you will find a lovely home for him. I will keep my eyes and ears open for you.

Hugs to you xxxx
So sad to read this. Is there no way you could swing DIY grass livery for a year or two? I have rehabbed so many trotteurs back home (Strasbourg) and they winter out very well ...
((((big hugs))))
maybe you could loan him to a serious competition home - there are often eventers looking for horses....? not sure if that would suit you but at least you'd still have him....
He's not going for less than he's worth which would put him out of a lot of people's price bracket sadly so I have to look for the best home possible. I couldn't share him, I couldn't bear to see someone else doing well with him so I have to cut the ties.

He was beginning to get bored being a field ornament that's why I brought him into work I don't think he would do too well at another couple of months out of it. He's really very ready to be out doing things now.

This is the most heartbreaking thing ever but I have to think of him and not me. If luck is shining down on me (which it hasn't been in the last month, Ace going, cancer scare, losing my job) then I will find another job soon and be able to keep him. I have a month to find somewhere, I would be over the moon if the woman I bought him from could have him back but I very much doubt it.
That's terrible news, especially after all the other stress you'e been through recently :(
Unfortunately don't know anyone looking for something like him at the moment, but will keep fingers crossed that something comes up (perfect job and/or perfect home for Quitus)

Really hope things work out ok for you, sooner rather than later. :(
aww hun, poor you I cannot believe this is happening to you again.

You are someone I admire so much as you always do the best by your horses.

I hope you find a job so you are able to keep Quitus xxxxx ((((hugs)))) for you xxxx
ooooo thats awful news , i am so sorry to hear that :( thats terrible :( you poor lady :( i think if you have to sell him which it sounds like you do:eek:, i think you are diffinately going about it the right way as he is an amazzing horse and def worth what you are asking (got a fig in me head ;)), just wish you didnt have to sell him. :(
Is there no way you could be a temp whilst you look for another job? just a thought but i was a temp for a few months and it is a good rate of pay! I got about £9 and hour to be a receptionist.... I know its not ideal but would keep the money coming in!
I guess we are all thinking of things you could do so that you could keep him! :)
He's not going for less than he's worth

but I have to think of him and not me.

I'm afraid this doesn't make sense to me, if he really isn't happy in the field for a couple of months and you can't afford to look after him any more I'm afraid you're going to have to sell him for less that you think he's worth so that he can recieve the care he needs from someone who can afford to give it to him (google french trotter and the average price is around £2000 - they just aren't selling, no horses are!!). Sorry to put a downer on you but if you can't afford to keep him and can't sell him why not loan him out you can still cut ties for a year or so that way and you still get to keep what is obviously a much loved horse.
Oh, no, i don't BELIEVE it. That is just not fair at all. I think you are making a good responsible decision by doing this...but i hope a new job comes up fast, and you don't have to sell him after all.

Is he ready to compete, even at a very low level? I know Bury Farm are doing something at their dressage shows where they state that certain horses are for sale when they go into the ring. There are lots of very well-off people knocking around at Bury Farm :) it might be a way to get him noticed by someone with sufficiently deep pockets.

I know someone locally who might be looking for a young event horse, I will have a word with her. Quitus is really lovely, I wish i was talented and rich enough to do him justice!
Awww nooooooooo that is so sad, so sorry to heat this, thats real sad, but as you say he will go to a good home cos you will make sure he does, and you can keep up to date with how he is settling in.
so sorry for your troubles - things always seem to have a way of panning out - so dont lose all hope!!! x
life can be such a b***h sometimes, so sorry to read this after all you went through with Ace.

He really does look like such a special boy, we have a rescued french trotter at our yard- he's about 16.3h and is coming on leaps and bounds - he's a fabulous horse (if somewhat huge) so i understand how tough this must be for you.

Fingers crossed for you to find another job pronto so you dont have to go down the selling route and you and Monsieur De Q can live happily ever after. ;)
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Thing is he's only 4 and he's had a hard life. Most horses get bored when turned away because they're used to a different routine, but if you can sit through those weeks of boredem, they tend to settle and start enjoying themselves. Maybe in a larger herd? The trotteurs we used to buy would come off the track at 3-4, but only started doing "Cycles Libres" showjumping ( = French class specifically for young horses) at 5 or 6. Until then they did pretty much nothing and although they would act stir crazy for the first month of nothingness, they would then settle for a year or two. A 4 yo with a history of hard work doesn't really need to work to keep sane. Obviously in france it's a bit different because people want Selle Francais, not trotteurs, so they're never worth very much even after proving themselves :(.

I'm not saying any of thise to argue with your decision - it's more that you seem so completely devastated that if there's even a chance of keeping him I think you should consider it. For your own peace of mind ((hugs)).

And if not -- he's a gorgeous boy and I'm sure you'll find him a perfect competition home. If I was looking for a young event prospect atm I would seriously be considering it and would pay what is expected for young eventers, but sadly my own plans have been somewhat postponed by these difficult times :(. It's a bit **** for all horse people at the moment.
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