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May 7, 2003
On my horses back...
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You will never guess what happenened to me today. I am so excited I have got all my housework done in 1 hour. My kids asked me to "calm down MUM"..:D This week I got all sentimental and decided to get in touch with my best friend from an old school. So I paid £7.50 and joined friends reunited. I sent my friends a message only 2 days ago and have been waiting for a reply. Well today I went to a yard 15 miles away and delivered a pony that is going there for loan. This blonde curly haired woman walked passed me shouting to her kids. I looked twice turned around and shouted "Hayley". The woman turned around and said "I am who are you". I said my name and we ran and hugged each other like we were kids. I havent seen my friend for 20 yrs and she hasnt changed. But on top of that she has horses.....:D :D :D Apparently she has a piebald cob just like my Captain and we talked and talked and talked.:p There is another girl (woman) who I know that keeps her horse there as well. We exchanged tel no and we are going to get together on Thurs. Just how amazing is that. Meeting my good friends after 20 yrs and they have horses as well. Double bonus... :D


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Oct 20, 2005
Wow, what are the chances of that! If only all friends reunited experiences were like that... rather than petering out after a couple of emails with the realisation that you have nothing to say to each other. Sounds like you 2 will have lots of catching up to do -- and interesting catching up, at that!


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Jan 4, 2006
Oh that is a lovely story.

Life just seperates us from people from the past - often a good thing;)

Great to have such as common interest with horses - though.

Best of luck!



Cob lover
Jul 31, 2005
Don't you get such a buzz from catching up with old mates?

Lovely story.... hope you manage to stay in touch now..... :D


Sexy Dressage Pony
May 7, 2003
On my horses back...
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Thanks everyone. I have taken the day off work on Thursday and Hayley is coming around lunch to see my babies! The horses of course..:p My family will have to wait to meet her. We have horses in common and that is amazing. I may have a new hacking partner. The minute I get a tow bar on my car there is nothing stopping Captain and I driving up the road and going out for a nice hack. Maybe Hayley would do a beach hack with us... My skin is pimpling the new experiences are endless and with an old mate. Opps less of the old. Mental Note 34 yrs young not OLD....:p

Ginger Thing

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Jul 10, 2003
What a waste of £7.50, lol :D

Seriously though, that's great. I recently got in touch with my old childhood friend and next door neighbour, after about 15 years (we had riding lessons together as kids and were horse mad!) and we talked for ages and ages - she couldn't believe I'd finally got my horse!
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