absolutely appalling,car drove into a horse


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May 20, 2006
Have just been reading on HHO (the actual website,not the forum,in the latest news bit),about a case of 'road rage' with a horse that was hit by a 4x4 and trailer.Lady was riding with a friend (both on horses),and saw vehicle coming,put arm out to slow him down and driver just started pressing on the horn and kept coming:mad:

Trailer scraped all up the side of horse,ripping open his side from back leg to head,even severed his double bridle,was brought to his knees apparantly.Lady riding managed to stay on,and am not sure if she is injured or not.Horse was treated at the scene,has been stapled etc and is on two months box rest,and is very traumatised owner said.

I cannot believe the stupidity of this driver,at best I am guessing he just was being ignorant and under estimated width of trailer and didn't realise would touch the horse as went past.At worst,well words fail me TBH.

The police have someone 'helping with their enquiries' so at least they have found the person responsible I'm guessing,but what will happen I don't know.It's not just the horse that's been injured that is the worry,but just imagine what could have happened with two frightened horses,two riders on board,and any other cars and pedestrians that were passing,doesn't bear thinking about.

Makes me so cross,and worried about how dangerous it is becoming to ride out on our roads.

Luna Corona

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Sep 7, 2009
Best punishment for that driver would be to strap them on one of those mechanical broncko bulls on the side of a busy road and have them being driven at by a range of close, noisy, fast and uncaring different vehicles.


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Jul 24, 2009
I worry about this all the time. Unfortunately we do have to do a fair bit of road riding where we are and whilst most people are great you just get the odd one (usally older - I find the young lads quite good), who refuses to give you any time or space at all. I really don't think they realise the damage that could be done to them, us, the horses or as DL says, innocent bystanders, cyclists, motorists.

They need to introduce some stiff penalties for this kind of thoughtless behaviour.


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Apr 16, 2004
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I don't know if this is the same incident, but I read on another forum that there is a known gardener (I think?!) who seems to target horse riders in his car. Absolute madness!!

Mimi + Me

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Mar 1, 2006
Oh how awful, my blood ran cold reading that :(:( I hope both the horse and rider recover physically and mentally OK - something like that could put you off riding on roads for life :mad:


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May 20, 2006
And the worst thing about this...I know the poor lady who owns the horse. :( I felt ill reading the news article, then I read the name of the owner and went OMG! :eek:

Hope horse and rider make a full recovery, and the scumbag driver gets the book thrown at him. :(

Oh no KV what a shock for you!!

I also hope the horse and owner get over this eventually.From what she commented on in the article the horse (westphalian I think,but didn't say his name) isn't doing so well mentally,think he's very traumatised,poor devil.

Yes I hope the driver get's charged accordingly.Not just for what he actually did,but hopefully for the far worse damage and mayhem he could have caused,has to come under intent surely??

Happy Hacker 01

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Jul 8, 2009
That is awful! :eek: The poor lady and horse. Lets hope he pulls through this. KV, what a shock for you especially!

The stupidity of some road users never ceases to amaze me!! What could that idiot have been thinking about?! The way people drive with absolutely no regard for other road users, especially on country roads where there are likely to be animals and walkers, plus the fact that they had already seen the horses!!! I sincerely hope they are punished for this!! :mad:

Mary Poppins

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Oct 10, 2004
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Its stories like this which make me refuse to ride on the roads at all. I know that we have a right to, but in my opinion it's just too dangerous these days.
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