A Sid visit


Jane&Sid these days!
Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
I popped over to see Sid today. I am worried in case he is a lami sort of cob so I went to take pictures of all his feet for my trimmer. Carol came to help.

When we arrived he was snoozing at the back of his box and really not keen to see us. But Carol went in and scratched him hello and he turned his head so she could put the headcollar on. He was polite to me, ears forward, and snuffled my hair.

We picked his feet out and took him for a little stroll down the drive to have a pick of grass and watch the traffic. I trotted him for 50 m so Carol could see if he looked stiff. He didn't really, and he trotted up beautifully. He was unmoved by the biggest artic you can get on a country toad, more interested in sniffing the wheels bins! After getting a taste of the grass he was not keen to lift his head, but he did when I asked firmly and wasn't grumpy.

To photograph his feet we stood him by my car and he stood completely still while we fussed around moving his feathers and lifting foot after foot for sole shots. In the end I just laid the lead rope over his back and he didn't stir. Then just to see what he would do we opened the back gate of my car (it's one of the ones that opens like a door). He said, "Ho, have you had HAY in here?" and stuck his head in to perform a little valeting service.

After that we walked him around a little more just for a mooch and popped him back into his stable.

He is really sweet even though he is an odd looking little bugger. I could easily fall for him. I must not until after the vetting.

Trimmer says feet look good: straight and smooth, good frog size and definition, and straight bars, whatever those are o_O


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Feb 8, 2012
Great that the dealers have let you go and visit, to me that shows they have nothing to hide and sounds like it was all really positive. He sounds lovely so everything crossed!
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