A positive post.....


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Jul 31, 2005
Frankly it has been a totally pants time for me. When I found out my mum was terminally ill I nearly ran away and hid because I really didn't think I could cope with dealing with her death as well as having to empty her VERY filled flat. The thought of clearing it was a black cloud that had been loitering around in the background of my life for quite a few years. Not sure if I showed you these but this was a corner of her lounge, her back bedroom and her kitchen.... "40 years of love and memories" :eek:

Anyhoo, I found the strength and I got through it. I've got through it all and I am still (semi) sane! And the really good thing about all this is that the remaining family have all pulled together and become close again. My son and my eldest daughter hadn't spoken for years but everyone is now back on track. On Tuesday evening I took everyone out for a family meal, the first time we have EVER done this and it was a raging success. Mum would have been SO pleased... as I am. We have all vowed to keep in touch on the family group WhatsApp page that was set up for funeral stuff and we will all meet for meals more regularly too.

The funeral passed as well as to be expected, in stiflingly stupid heat, but again we all got through it with dignity.

So I kind of feel a bit heartened about everything. Fresh start and all that. And a bit relieved. One more trip to mum's next week, with a van for the last bits of furniture and then I will look the door for the last time.

Surrounded by my offspring yesterday....



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Aug 8, 2004
Well done Domane for getting through such a difficult of time in one piece and then steeling yourself for what have must have been a gigantic clear out - I thought I like hoarding but I've nothing on your mum. And it is lovely that your family have all pulled together.

KP nut

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Dec 22, 2008
Oh that first picture is lovely. So many photos. So many memories. But what a huge job for you to deal with. You've done brilliantly and so lovely to hear how the family has come together again.


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
Its wonderful to hear something so positive has come from terrible loss, well done for staying strong and making your way through it :)


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Apr 16, 2009
Well done for digging deep and finding the inner strength the full through and to bring the family back to together, You really have had a tough time with it lately but you have pulled through it. hugs to you


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Jul 1, 2010
Yorkshire Dales
Well done you - a really heartening post. It's amazing what we can cope with when faced with one of these life changing events. So please everyone is taking life forward in the best spirit


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
What a good post to read. You have done so well. You look a great crowd:) Hope you can relax a little bit now and it's great to read how it has brought a rift to a close also.
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