21 today! Happy birthday Belle


Cantering cabbage!
May 18, 2009
Belle is 21 today, I never usually make a fuss on her birthday but treated her to a new rug as she’s been feeling the cold a bit this winter.
I have tried to attach a couple of photos but not sure if it’s worked as am on my phone, but when I got to the yard this morning my lovely YO had decorated Belles stable and left her a present, anyway after a nice early hack she’s out in her field munching grass and shall have a birthday parsnip in her dinner to celebrate :D


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Cantering cabbage!
May 18, 2009
Happy Birthday beautiful Belle (aptly named :) ). How thoughtful of your YO. I hope she has a lovely day and enjoys her birthday parsnip :D

It was very thoughtful yes, I wish I could get the photo to upload, she had put a banner across the door and on top of my box, 'happy birthday, 21 today' with pink glitter and put her parsnips in a pretty present bag too.
She will love her parsnip, I might even let her have a link of the horselik I accidentally bought her too.:rolleyes:
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Cantering cabbage!
May 18, 2009
She looks very well Kite-Rider and a Bucas rug no less - happy birthday thoroughly pampered Miss Belle :D <3
Of course, lol, if a bucas rug is good enough for the top competition horses it's good enough for Belle. I never buy anything for Belle, well other than hay and supplements, we just plod on with the same old gear as always, so I figured why not.
To be honest it's a really nice rug but most importantly it fits her better than any other rug I've ever tried on her, it is their 'big neck' version though.
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Mar 15, 2008
I can't believe she is 21. Doesn't time go on here and you forget how old people's horses are.

Ditto wouldn't want to be 21 again either. Not these days I will add. That age group is more sucked into tech.
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