2024 Hacking Thread

Out for a longer back today. It was very much a power walk and star jump hack. Heading back and he kept slowing down and getting fussy. I couldn't work out what was wrong. Thought maybe I had over done it. Maybe his foot was hurting him. Stopped for a sec to have a look at shoes. He promptly had the longest wee ever! On the only bit of main road. With cars going past. Problem was it was slightly down hill. So the stream of wee was going under him and through his front legs. So he was mid pee with his head down looking between his front legs snorting at the stream of wee. He finished and dashed to the other side of the road and carried on boggling and snorting at the stream of wee as it carried on down the road. I couldn't do anything for laughing so hard at him! However he was then fine again and marched home šŸ¤£
Mine did that once, downhill wee. Then stepped all over the place as it's streaming and so obviously not from me.
Neighing for nookie when we got a quarter of the way down the moors.
Found a bush to circle round and took her off!
The last thing I want is the horses to hear that and come running,which they will add she will shout again!!

Will need to stick with roadwork until she's not so fruity!!
Second ride in the stirrups I think my foot has got the hang of the position.

It was only half hour hack, but still nice to get her out and be able to ride. šŸ˜
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He showed himself up today. "Aasrrrrggfhhh spin, canter sideways, I'm going to diiieeee argh. Oh wait. *Straightens his glasses" it's just a few tups. Oh ok, carry on, sorry bout that"
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I must put equilab on my current phone. But can happily record a perfect summer pony ride on Ella today with a short compliant canter . She didnt fuss at all meeting and passing a group from the yard. She is such a lovely mare and I am so lucky
Wow - I've just run out of time this week so I'm just adding my totals

5 hours
14 miles

337 miles
106 hours 45

3 hours 20
Short mile round the block. The right stirrup was driving me nuts to the point I had thought of ditching them and changing back to my other pair.
On return I measured the non stretch leathers and they were one hole out. So, third time lucky next ride then.
I only got them as I love the look of them, so it would serve me right if I then can't get on with them wouldn't it. šŸ˜‚

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Western people, does the leather need feeding, softening etc as these are these are new and a bit stiff I guess.
I wouldn't mind getting some fenders but haven't a clue on how to work out the length.
I have ridden Western but had to Google and look up Tapederos. Neither OH nor I rode Western in capped stirrups. But all leather needs treating or it will eventually flake and get papery.
I rode without my socks. I am sure that's happened before, but someone noticed skin šŸ˜‚

Had a few teeny trots just to see how she was and free up the walk. I have changed to thinner comfort pads in the boots and that's working well for her.
She was looking to go further so I will take that on board as well, we've been sticking to just the two miles.
As it's dried up fully now we can do the bridlepath next time.
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I dont think it a good idea to ride without socks as this is the time of year when ticks are around. I arm myself (Amazon) with bulk buys of citronella and get the staff to spray it onto my legs after I get on the horse.
Doesn't that make your boots rub @newforest ? I know if I did that I'd be blistered, though walking around would probably be a bigger problem than when I was actually riding. I'm glad to hear she's finally come right, it's been a long time.

@Skib if ticks are bad in your area then I wouldn't rely on citronella, I'd be reaching for something with a decent amount of DEET in it. I can't imagine they'd get you once you're mounted though, not unless you're riding through incredibly long grass!
@carthorse These are short boots and gaiters so they didn't rub in this instance. Guess what I will be taking with me tomorrow šŸ˜‚

I am hoping that we are back riding. When the farrier comes next month I need the toe to be connected. But I am doing some trots to give the farrier feedback on how she is with what her hoof is like at the moment if that makes sense.
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@Skib if ticks are bad in your area then I wouldn't rely on citronella, I'd be reaching for something with a decent amount of DEET in it. I can't imagine they'd get you once you're mounted though, not unless you're riding through incredibly long grass!
You are right, Carthorse. But I dont like deet and dont use it on either myself nor the horse. I am completely covered below the waist (boots and half chaps) so the citronella is for Ella and it keeps flies away from herface and tummy0. OH is always saying that Cowboys dont ride in short sleeves, but I confess that I do in summer which is one reason for spraying myself.
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Cowboys not wearing short sleeves has nothing to do with the flies,not that it matters what they wear?
I dont use any fly stuff here for myself or her.
Cowboys not wearing short sleeves has nothing to do with the flies,not that it matters what they wear?
To me it does matter. For me who rode so much in the American West, and drove up the Chisholm trail with an OH who is crazy about Westerns and traditional cowboy songs, it is part of the culture. If there is a history of something being doine with horses, one usually finds there is a reason for it.

If you dont use fly stuff on her nor yourself, that is fine. I started because Ella was repeatedly kicking at her tummy as we rode and this frightened me. One hack I was so scared the YM made me dismount and walk home.
A fabulous 3 days of hacking! I might have had today off work. :)

Normal hacking buddy saturday, so no photos as we chat too much. Sunday a nervous friend boxed over to me so my boy could play super safe escort (which he did beautifully) so a rare pic hacking of us from not behind the ears. Horse did not want to pose for a photo. He wasnt that keen on his highland companion.


Today happy boy was back and we were out on our own for well over an hour.


And gratuitous photo of the newbie just because he is so lovely!

Was all geared up to ride, about to put the saddle on and was sick šŸ¤®
Okay this is becoming a bit of a nuisance (ordered new scoop rake-its connected honest šŸ˜‚)

So out we went inhand as I didn't feel like riding. Plus point was I noticed that one of our routes will be closed. Glad we went that way instead.
She's not thrilled about the closure either.
I had my socks, I just think she's got a thing about my feet.
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Another day off work, another lovely hack. I did had to get off twice. Once was a burnt out sideways car in a ditch, which he was nearly brave about, then ran out of feeling that way and reversed! Fair enough horse, perfect led past it. The 2nd time was because i would not have fitted under the tree on horseback and i didnt want to turn around. I very nearly took the saddle off as well it was that tight.


And just to show how close to suburbia we actually are this is the main road up to the yard - speed limit between 30 and 60 mph depending on which bit of it we are on. Good horses.

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