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Feb 11, 2017
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@horseandgoatmom 1) The pollen is impressive on your car🤢🤢. We weren’t too bad this year but there have been a few years where that particular pollen was so thick, it hung like fog in the night when I turned the porch light on. I would have to dump the outside water tubs because of the pollen buildup the next morning🤐🤐

2). I’m glad two of your turkeys are back👍👍. There has to be babies somewhere.

@Huggy yes ma’am that is quite a bit of recycling for such a little horse😂😂. Joker was 15.3H and will forever hold the record in my herd for the most manure at one drop. I use a wide mouth aluminum shovel when I deep clean stalls. A single dropping of his would fill that aluminum shovel 1-1/2 times. Duncan is 17H and finally back on an even keel, digestively speaking; he can’t hold a candle to Joker🥴🥴

Duncan getting examined by the Critter Chiropractor last Monday, after the helicopter incident. I’m not holding him, he’s enjoying the exam because she is aces at relaxing a horse even where the “owie “ is👍😇😇👍

There’s a brown paper bag on the wall, behind Duncan’s right ear. This is the second year we have used them and have not seen one wood Boring bee since we hung them up. The wood bees think they are hornets nests and won’t go near them.
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