1st trailering-not good


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Aug 29, 2006
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I've been working to be a partner with my filly, and decided we needed to go on a "field trip" so we hired a nice experienced woman to trailer us. I didn't know her, but it turned out she's pretty traditional and when my filly (whose only trailering experience wasn't very good, but a long year ago) resisted, the woman's main plan was to "show her she had no choice" and "crowd her a little" and keep her tied so that she "couldn't get away." That's not the way we've been working together. I'm not a forceful person. I couldn't tell her I always give my very intelligent Kipa the option of an opinion; that my main method when things get rough is to move her feet (not tie her); and would she please stop PATTING her --- we do stroking. . . :mad: I'm mad at myself. After almost an hour and three broken lines I was able to call it a day. At least I didn't let things get rough. I told her going wasn't important, just the process, and if this is where we stopped, fine. The lady was very nice about it, anyway. Now to find a trailer I can borrow to set up in my yard. . .


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Hard isn't it. I know the feeling with Mayo and everybody knows the right way to do it and loves to get in on the trailer loading sessions. Best way I found was to have a trailer in a pen, be on my own at liberty with Mayo so he can be completely honest and I can't use force:) its working.


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May 26, 2006
I know how you feel, I spend ages on training my way, then find I get into situations where people who don't train my way frown on what I do so I cave in and do things their way against my better judgement. It never works out well, I should know by now :eek:

Don't worry, sounds like you're doing all the right things, and she won't hold one afternoon of not great trailer loading against you in the long term - horses are very forgiving :)

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Dec 5, 2001
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i had a similar experience at a horse show. in the end i just left the 'helpers' to it as my poor pony had lost the plot and was beyond calming down. after that day it took me 3 hours to get him near a trailer again let alone in it! i even paid money for an RA to put a dually headcollar on upside down, demand we use the school (with a pony who was terrified and had so much room to run away!) in the end she gave up and left - still charging the full whack.

i got a richard maxwell halter, trailer and in an enclosed environment taught said pony to load in 2 hours. never had a problem again! hey, maybe i'm in the wrong job!

it takes me longer with my mare sometimes if she's not been loaded for a while as she likes to walk to the side of the ramp, but now she loads in 5 minutes tops. you just have to get the body lanuage right.

i get so annoyed at shows watching people trying to force horses into trailers that look as if they shouldn't be on the road. needless to say if you offer a friendly suggestion when you can clearly read the horses body language 'they know best' yeah, thats why they end up hacking home!!!

sorry rant over!
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