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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
I’m pretty sure Dan has laminitis 😫 He and hank have been on 2x 1/4 acre paddocks since before Xmas, they're really grazed down and they had been fine on it, both still slim, their ribs are easily felt and no big crests but something I can't put my finger on caught my attention last night, I could feel a slightly stronger than normal pulse but no heat and he was moving fine, I thought I'd get away with moving him next door on Friday when I'm off.

Then this morning he didn't come over when called, as I got closer I could see he was shaking, and when I asked him to move he struggled :( So I penned him into the shelter, and gave his feet a quick trim which seemed to make him more comfortable. He does also suddenly seem to have horrible thrush, it's been torrential rain for the last 36 hours and there's big puddles in most of the fields, so it could be that. He seemed bright in himself so I hope I caught it in time that it will settle quickly. Tonight I will move him back next door where I have drier/grassless areas and I can build him a pen next to one of the shelters, and give him a nice deep bed.

I'll need to get the others on less grass too. All the sunshine over the weekend, then rain, must have made it flush, so the other 3 will go back to minimal grass and off it for at least 12 hours a day, at least until the weather settles.

Poor guy :( of course I have a 12 hour work day tomorrow, not really a problem, but I'd rather have more time available to do whatever he needs as it comes up.
Hopefully it's just the thrush making him sore, but if it isn't then you've done the right things. Do you have some bute you can give him? Not only is it pain relief but it can help with the inflammation of laminitis.

The wet warm weather has made for some scary grass growth, I was worried about Luka's weight and managed to persuade the yo to let me shut the gate between fields so he has less grazing.

Fingers crossed for him.
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I do have bute, but didn't want to give it to him this morning as he will have to walk along the road to the other field tonight and I would rather not have it hiding his discomfort so he does damage, plus it would have increased the chances of escape from the very hasty non-electric fence I put across the shelter this morning!
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Well he’d broken out today and was happily grazing 🙄😖 but he’s not shaking anymore and was walking better, not perfectly but just slightly tentative now. Also happily resting a back foot which makes me hopeful. Interestingly he’s shed all his soles out today and there’s almost no sign of thrush left! It seems it was just on the dead sole waiting to shed off. So fingers crossed 🤞 it was more that going on and soft new soles underneath feeling it.

He’s bright and happy,
but it remains to be seen if he’ll stay in, if not I can borrow my neighbours energiser in the morning (I don’t have the mains fences connected into this field yet).

I iodined his feet, to harden everything off and kill anything left. Had a slight mishap though, any tips for getting it off overnight as I have a big public event tomorrow!
eek! 😜
Pawing = not laminitis in my book! Ziggy could barely put one foot in front of the other when he got a flare up, never mind paw.
That’s exactly what I’m hoping 🤞 when he had it before from my friend dropping chicken feed in his reach, he could barely move and laid down a lot, though that was pretty severe.

I think I’m too nervous now to leave him out on even minimal grass next week, I was planning 6 days away with Monkey and just going to have friends stop by and check on them daily. Cancelling 2 of the days is easy as I was staying at a friends, but the other 4 is for another friends 60th and we’ve booked a lodge. It’s 30 minutes from home, so doable to go back twice daily but it would definitely make it less restful! I might have to take him with me, but I expect they’d both become super clingy to each other and that would cause its own issues. Decisions, decisions.
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Well this morning the little sucker was out again 😫 he’s walking fine now but lame at trot, unilateral. Bit of heat and pulse in that foot but not loads.

I decided he obviously wanted to be out moving, so knowing the grass is too short for him to get anything with a muzzle on, I decided to give it a try and leave some hay. When I got back a couple of hours later the hay was gone and he was stood waiting to go back in!
Dan is looking good this morning, heat virtually gone and no pulse, still hesitant to hold weight on his RF while I pick the LF, fine with the other way. I gave him half a bute last night so not entirely sure that’s not still in his system, will reassess tonight.

I let him out with his muzzle for a roll and mooch while I mucked out. Hank is now in the dog house as he promptly mounted Dan and started chasing him, 2 laps of the paddock at trot and canter before I could get hold of him 🤬 so shut Hank in then Dan plonked straight down to roll.
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He was very much sound yesterday, so I left him out with his muzzle as he’d broken out anyway. Then he broke into a little corner I’d fenced off. Still sound but could feel the start of a pulse in that one foot so put him back in again overnight.

The grass is like living on chocolate ice cream just now, and they are all hungry, so more hay needed!
We've got the same issue. Sonne's owner is sure she is a high lami risk so they are on a track, but then the grass is short and stressed.... you can't win at this time of year, and this cool weather with spells of sun and spells of rain is sending the grass up like rockets!
We've got the same issue. Sonne's owner is sure she is a high lami risk so they are on a track, but then the grass is short and stressed.... you can't win at this time of year, and this cool weather with spells of sun and spells of rain is sending the grass up like rockets!
That’s exactly it. I do have loads of long grass, but it’s only shot up in the last month, so I don’t suppose it’s really any better until it matures more.