1. Random Horse in Edgware London

    Random Horse in Edgware London

    One of the images that I have chosen to feature in my book about equine assisted therapy and photography combined. The out of focus look wasn't intended originally but I converted to B/W and think it looks better!
  2. Hoof_hearted

    The Open Photography thread

    Hello everyone. I had a look to see if I could find a thread already with this topic but as I'm not a subscriber I was unable to post or view the current thread for photography. So i give you: "The open photography thread" Everyone is welcome to post pictures they're proud of, of any subject...
  3. Hoof_hearted

    Insufficient privileges

    Good morning everyone. I was going to attempt to post a new thread in the general section as what i wanted to post dosn't really belong anywhere else and I'm all for things being in the correct place. I wanted to create a photography thread, it's a small non professional hobby of mine and...