1. T

    Cheap Ménage surface Ideas

    Hi everyone, Currently building a Ménage (20 x 40) And I’m working out what to do for its surface, I don’t need anything fancy, just something to use in the winter. I’ve looked at rubber chipping, but I worry about it getting too wet and my grey pony’s legs turning black 😂! The cheapest fibre...
  2. HaloHoney

    Pretty chuffed with my DIY job!

    Now he’s got a box rather than just being grass livery, I thought Flash needed a stable name plaque. Looked at the sort I wanted, thought “I’m not paying THAT.” So bought myself the kit to make one... and you know what? I’m pretty chuffed with the results actually! Lettering is a bit wonky, but...
  3. ShannonLClark

    DIY livery in and around Reading

    I'm looking at moving my 13.2hh gelding to the Reading area towards the end of summer. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any grass or DIY livery in and around Reading? Preferably nothing with an extortionate price tag. Thanks for your help!