1. A

    Bit advice

    Hello I am struggling to find a bit to buy for my pony he’s a 16hh Irish cob . He’s currently in a full cheek snaffle happymouth mullen mouth and he goes the best out of all the other bits be have tried in it but he’s still very strong to the hand. He is also VERY LAZY but strong at the same...
  2. B

    Bit Help Please

    I have a problem with bits at the moment. My horse was in a 5 1/2" which was small for him you could see clearly it was too short for him so i went to buy a 6". However now I have the problem where the bit is slightly big. I'd rather have it big then too small but i don't know what to do which...
  3. Keatley7119

    Opinions on pelham bits?

    What are your opinions on Pelham bits as I am thinking of trying it out. What are your experiences, is it worthwhile to get roundings or the double rein?
  4. HaloHoney

    Bits for jumping?

    I know virtually nothing about bitting and horses. I have experienced a couple of occasions when jumping my new horse that he has a tendency to be quite strong when he's excited. Gets excited/strong at the sight of coloured poles/XC fences. I have 2 bits for him at the moment both of them...