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Sharpening up on manners and training

Discussion in 'Training of the Horse and Rider' started by Ruskii, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. Ruskii

    Ruskii Well-Known Member

    Jun 21, 2000
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    So mini-Ruskii is hacking out loads on a lead rein at the yard. However I'm not so convinced the pony is as broken as I have been told...
    So I'm thinking about restarting her unless anyone thinks it's something else ?
    Rose came to me pretty rude, she is a very friendly pony though and a sweetheart. She thinks nothing of invading your personal space and to lead was a bit 'Ahem - you Do NOT pull to graze thank you !) over the she has been with me though her leading has improved a lot as I have done a lot of standing around and stop / start walking around the farm. Lots of lunging practise as well as she thought if she could run on swing her bum out she could get out of it. Even now she has to be given a poke and told to back up if she decides to get in to close, this has resulted in her standing on my foot a few times ! And given how clever she is I don't think for a second this is accidental.

    Put a child on her though and she is fine, will follow you anywhere ! However I'm teaching my daughter some aids and asking her to give her her a leg aid, Rose will happily ignore this and take all messages from me. I want to start moving off the verbal cues from me and let the rider start to give the cues.

    How can I sharpen on this ? I'm just about to start long raining her as I think she'll need to lose some of the dependency on whomever is leading her. Or am I rushing this and should I continue to do lead rein rides for some time yet until my daughter is confident enough to come off the lead rein ?
  2. Jessey

    Jessey Well-Known Member

    Dec 20, 2004
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    When we got Harry last year for my friends 7 year old, D, he had been getting his own way for some time and had gotten used to that so behaved appropriately, with him it was just a matter of drawing a line in the sand and being very consistent with him about what was and was not acceptable. He very quickly settled into being much more mannerly, he was a well broke ex-riding school horse, he was just smart and learnt he could get away with things :rolleyes: D was on lead rein when he first arrived and he was as good as gold, but when we started letting her off there were a few weeks where he was initially ignoring the rider 'noise' and looking to a handler for cues and then once he stopped that he was pushing his luck because he thought he could get away with it :rolleyes: but about 8 weeks after getting him home D went from LR to walking and trotting out on hacks and even came with us to the pub :D
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